Dream come true for speedsters

By Layron Livingston - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Attention all you lead-footed East Texans! Your dream has come true. How nice would it be to keep an eye on the police before they set their sights on you? Well, you're in luck.

A new cell phone application puts the power of avoiding your next speeding ticket right in the palm of your hand.

The last person anyone wants to see in their rear view mirror is the man in blue. Creators of Trapster want to keep you from becoming the guy on the side of the road getting a ticket.

Trapster uses GPS on your phone to alert you to enforcement spots in your community. You can also report police hotspots in real time.

Say you were driving and you actually saw a police officer and you wanted to report that to Trapster, all you'd have to do is tap on "Report Enforcement Point," and then, if it's a live police, or mobile speed camera, or checkpoint, or red light camera, all you'd have to do is select those, then basically tap "Confirm."

The info gets sent to Trapster so other drivers will be aware that particular police officer is enforcing that specific area.

"It might help us - might help us all," said Bullard Police Chief Gary Lewis.

Lewis says the speed limit signs are clear, but...

"It may be a good thing because maybe people will slow down," said Lewis.

But, DPS trooper Jean Dark says Trapster has its own trap: another distraction for drivers when they get behind the wheel.

"So, instead of playing with something on their phone, I think people would be better served by actually paying attention to speed limit signs," said Dark.

Nathan Stark gave in to his curiosity and downloaded Trapster.

"Technology is just phenomenal," said Stark. "It's just better not to do it from the steering wheel."

And, Trapster or no Trapster if they get you, they get you. Trapster is a free application. It also allows you to "un-report" enforcement areas if they are not accurate.

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