Small businesses see opportunities in social networking

By Holley Nees - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - It seems like everyone is online on one social networking site or another either Facebook, MySpace, or even Twitter. However, now a group of East Texas businesses are getting in on the action.

It's all about getting the message out without saying a word.

"Social networking is exploding in businesses and in marketing," said Owner of Zimmerman Communications Jackie Zimmerman. "It's something we all need to learn about."

So a group of East Texans met Friday to learn how to use social networking sites to promote their companies.

"Businesses have an interesting story to tell as well, and they now understand that they can get the same audience and have an audience to communicate with and promote their products," said Kyle Sexton with Fast Chamber.

"In social media, you get automatic and instant information about who's following you," said Owner of Massey Media Matt Massey. "You know how many people are following you, and you know how well your message is actually getting out."

If social media can help local businesses it may strengthen the local economy.

"It can really take your business to the next level," said Zimmerman. "Yes. We're a small town, but it's a big world, but it's getting smaller based on using these kinds of technologies."

For some, it's neat to just see it all clicking.

"It's been very interesting how many of our clients have become fans of the company on Facebook," said Heather Kartye with YGM.

While social networking does require businesses to invest their time some business people know, success could be just a friend request away.

Sexton said any size business can benefit from social networking.

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