HS Football player points to heaven, team penalized

By Reid Kerr - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Georgia high school football player R.J. Davis drew a flag Friday night for un sportsmanlike conduct. His post touchdown point to the heaven and thanks was flagged.

"Knowing RJ like I do and coached him, that was not the case," said Davis' coach Robby Pruitt.

"I believe that God deserves the thanks for all that he does on the football field," said Davis.

While coaches and fans were irate. An East Texas official says if it happened here, it would be the right call.

"The first thing I thought was it was excessive," said Barry Barnett.  "He was bringing attention to himself. Which by rule will get you a 15 yard un sportsmanlike penalty."

Barnett says it's not a religious issue by any means.  The problem was the length of the celebration.

"He (Davis) crossed the line for the length of time he did it," said Barnett.  "If he did it for one second, there wouldn't have been a word said about it. But to stand there and hold your finger up for that amount of time, that's way too long and exceeds the meaning of the rule."

For refs it's a point of emphasis every year to watch for on the field celebrations and anything that could be viewed as showboating.

"If he had just caught the pass, up one and down, there probably would have not been an issue," said Barnett.

So while giving the glory is good a good. Perhaps the best way to do it, is just stepping out of the endzone first.