12 Years Later, A Murdered Tyler Boy Can Now Be Buried

A convicted killer is no longer standing in the way of a Tyler mother burying her murdered son.

For nearly 12 years his family has waited to bury Chad Choice.

Friday his killer, Patrick Horn, finally waived his rights in a courtroom video-conference to make that possible.

The Smith County District Attorney's office needed Horn to legally say he would not contest the bones are that of Chad Choice. The reason being they wanted to protect the integrity of the capital murder case should a new trial ever be ordered.

"There have been two or three hearings about the remains and that is just more than a mother should have to go through," says Smith County District Attorney Jack Skeen. "But, there are legal procedures we have to follow to protect the conviction and be sure that horn is executed for this crime."

Unfortunately the appeals process isn't over for the Choice family. Patrick Horn still has about three years left in appeals, the D.A. says, before he can be executed for Chad's murder.

Dana Dixon, reporting