Flower Delivery Guy Popular On Valentine's Day

For a flower delivery man, Valentine's is a day like no other. Bill Brosang of Brosang's knows February fourteenth is circled on the calendar.

"This is the big day of the year for a flower shop," Bill explains. "A few hundred deliveries in one day can be hard. Even with six or seven drivers, it takes us all day."

Bill delivered today to homes and businesses, bringing smiles wherever he stopped. For him, the reactions are a bonus.

"I like to see the happy faces," he says. "Everybody's waiting on this day. Especially the ladies of this town, they're expecting something don't know when it's coming or how big it is."

Brosang's scheduled more than 200 deliveries today, and had ten drivers working to make sure they all went out on time. Because of the rain, they were delivering late into the evening. For Bill, it's just part of the responsibility.

"I know that everybody has intentions of making their loved one happy," he says. "I picture myself in that role for just a minute."

"Though he couldn't be there or she couldn't be there, maybe I can put a smile on her face."

Reid Kerr (rkerr@kltv.com) reporting.