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gives meaning to every day.  He expresses unconditional love by his gentle

spirit and kind eyes. He is my team-mate every day in sharing household

chores. He has encouragement, compassion and laughter available to give 24

hours each day.  He wakes and goes to bed each day smiling, with a sparkle

in his eyes. He works out, stays fit,young at heart and has shown me how

to be care free and feel the wind in my hair.He makes a bigblock 427 pur

and pieces a broken heart back together, making him the world's best



Crystal Edmons



S-  someone who cares no matter what the condition/ situation is and

regardless of color,sex, and etc.

P- person whom i have learned to love and has not changed since our

relationship began

E- each and everyday he takes life regardless of what's going on and makes

the best of it.

C- can do all things through christ jesus who strenghts both of us each

and every day

I- I can always depend on him regardless to what the problem may be and

how seriours it may seem.

A- a man who i am in love with and someone who understands me and also

someone who fills my needs.

L- loving person 365 days per year not only on one day per year.


this may not seem special to you, but he is to me for the simply reason

that i was a single parent and he was also and we began dating and later

got married and combined two families which now consist of three children

and he is a very wonderful father to each of them and he gives them love,

advice and he also corrects them when they are wrong.  so that's why my

husband is special. his name is Donald Ray Shelvin Sr.





Deano is so

special because he bites his tongue when I argue so fights dont start to

often. He is one of few men I know that actually likes romantic movies. If

the kids need something and we have no money, he finds a way to help them.

He works hard. Deano has very strong work ethics. He is very honorable

with people.When he tucks the kids in, after he does a bible lesson he

likes to give all their stuffed animals a voice or character that says

funny things and smacks the kids with them. It’s really funny.


Sheree Mastern



My wife is

special in the way that she loves me.  She is always looking for ways to

tell me without using words.  Her favorite method is in leaving me notes

and she takes great joy in looking for places to hide them so that I can

find her note at any given moment.  Whether it is in my lunch or mixed in

with my business papers - I am always being reminded how much she truly

loves me and then I get to tell her how much better my day has gone

because of how she made me feel.


Brian McCormick



My idea of

romance is receiving a handwritten poem on the anniversary of the day he

asked you to marry him, or when he hears about roses on "Lifestyles of the

Rich & Famous" and researches it until he finds out how to get those sent

to you -- not because it is any kind of holiday, but because it is the

anniversary of the day your mom passed away and he wants to make it a

little brighter.  Romance is when he vacuums the house, helps your child

with homework, and cleans up the kitchen -- all without being asked.  I

have just described my husband, Buzz, and all this and more is what makes

him so special!!


Gina Bassham













100 words is not enough!


Loving husband


Best friend


Caring father


Fantastic son


The best son-in-law


Nice person


Tammy Jones



After 53years

of marriage he still has the prettiest blue eyes.  Always says the

sweetest thing.


Lessie Elliott



Their are so

many that make my Fiancée so special.  I belive the most important is how

she saved my life.  About a year ago I had so much going for me, however I

did not have anyone to share my life with.  I had given up on love and did

not care what happened to me.  The only thing that I did was work and

work.  Now that Heidi has come into my life I look at things in a whole

different matter.  I now know what love is and I also have found Christ

again.  Heidi has given me the chance to love again and a reason to live

for a long long time.


Michael A. Gibson



carrie is the

most caring and loving person.she is totally devoted to raising our son

and teaching him right and wrongs.she will give you the coat off you back

if there is a family she knows of in need she goes out of her way to do

the best she can to help them.she works hard keeping our home in one



paul ruether



What makes my

sweet hubby so special is that he allows me to grow into my own self.  No

one else in my life ever let me learn who I was and helped me grow and

bloom into my real self.  He takes the time to nurture me and that makes

me love and appreciate him all the more.  He didn't woo, marry and just

settle in with me.  If I desire a slow dance in the dining room to a

romantic song, he stops and we dance.  He's a keeper!  I love and

appreciate his tenderness.


Cheryl Shirey



I fell in love

with Shelia the first time I saw her at Rose Stadium, when she was

thirteen years old. That was thirty-one years ago and we have remained

together everyday of those wonderful and not so wonderful years. We have

raise three kids and now we are looking forward to our first grandchild

this summer. Shelia has been fighting a fifteen year battle of Renal

failure, she received a kidney July 4 1995. I will never forget the night

I was told by her doctors that she would not live through the night. I

prayed to God to give Shelia some of my health so she could stay here with

me and our kids. God answered my prayer, Shelia is still in and out of the

hospital but, I still have her. As I write this Shelia is in the hospital,

hopefully she will be home tomorrow. What make Shelia special is that God

gave me more time to love her. On that night God showed me how special she

is to me.


James Young



In the last

two and a half years since our daughter has been born my husband and I

have been through very difficult times. A house fire and myself having to

have five surgeries later my, husband has been my strength and support. We

are unable to have anymore children and he still loves me and supports me

in everything I do. He has always been very positive but things can take

their tole. He deserves a break and this would be a wonderful one. I want

to thank him for being my strength and loving husband.


Aubrey Ross





Who is this man I love so much

His whisper, his voice, his uneven ways, his touch

Many years of triumphs and struggles

I love him with all my heart

“Till death, do us part.”

There is no other man like him

Unique he is, simply genuine

A personality just the opposite of mine

He’s my man

No matter what the struggle is

He succeeds

The Lord is his foundation

He plants the seed of faith, deed by deed

He is confident in all he does

When he is wrong he makes it right

His family is second to God only

Definitely blessed with the voice of expressions

The art of conversation is his favorite past time

He speaks an overwhelming talk, full of pride, wisdom and choice.

He gave more than his love

He paved the way, my road to salvation

A blessing he is

Who is this man? I love so much

My soul mate

My everything

My Husband!


tricia billington



Lavae, is

SO-O-O-O special because he loves me unconditionally. He cheered me on as

I birthed three boys through the years. He crowed with delight as I

accepted Jesus as my Savior. He loved me gently,tenderly and selflessly

after I was diagnosed with cancer last year. And, he did it all  with a

sense of humor that Robin Williams would kill for! From his "You know what

I mean, Vern?" to his dancing blue eyes that  promise  new mischief daily,

he has bathed me in laughter for 16 years. Grins, giggles and guffaws are

what make Lavae so special.


Michele R. Stevenson



Cindy has been

my strenght and the strongest Christian friend that any one could ever ask

for.  Recently I had major back operation. Cindy has stood strong holding

me acountable in Faith and Life.  She has a heart that will not give up

nor take I can't for a answer.  She holds God in one hand and her Family

in the other.  Never once have I ever seen her give up nor give up on us

or herself.  Cindy is a very strong factor in our life and her friends.

Though God created us all equal I believe she holds a little more than

some of us.  When she prays things seem to happen the way they should.

Whereever I happened to go, I know that there will never be another like

her.  A mother and a wife  so perfect there could never be another like



Carl Dromgoole



She loves who

she is and where God has placed her. She established and follows her

priorities. She is my best friend. She is a fantastic mother. She

sincerely appreciates all of our blessings. She leaves notes of

encouragement, voice mails that bring a smile and does many things for our

family that I appreciate. She treats my daughter like her own. She has

beautiful eyes, a great smile and a warm heart. She is a giving person. We

have common interest. We enjoy each others company. We are soulmates. It

is easy to be romantic with this type of spouse.


Billy Lemons



my man is the

best he takes care of me and my two boys who arent biologically his by

being the sole provider and care giver to all three of us.  He also allows

my mother who is a diabetic and has no legs to live with us for me to take

care of her daily so she doesnt hav to live in a nursing home at the age

of 46.  We dont have the means to do much for just the two of us because

of our situation.  I just think hes the best because he never makes us

feel like a burden or like something he doesnt want.


pamela reeves



Why Do I

love my wife? I would have to say it’s her willingness to give.  I know in

my mind, my wife is beautiful, but her willingness to sacrifice and help

others stands out the most.  My wife has always taken the time out of her

busy day to tell me that she loves me, and that means a lot. She is always

going out of her way to do something special for me, and still manages to

do something else for another person.  God filled our hearts with joy when

he brought her into this world, especially mine.


Kirk Hill



My spouse of 29

years is so special because each evening he massages my feet and turns on

low lights so that our home is  romatically lit. After 29 years he still

opens the car door for me and is always so sweet about doing the "dirty"

jobs like cleaning out the cat's litter box,getting the hair out of my tub

drain and cleaning up any mess anywhere, anytime. He's always allowed me

to drive the better of our two cars and has been so unselfish in giving of

himself that I might have a better life. I'm blessed!!!


Becky Harding



Six years ago I

met an intersting lady. She changed my whole life around. She was a part

of me that was missing. We soon learned that we were soul mates. Neither

of us knew how much we were alike. We realized neither of us were good at

rembering dates. On Valentine's day we got married, so we wouldn't forget

our anniversary. We think so much alike we have become one person. I'm

looking forward to the rest of my life with her. She is the most wonderful

person in the world,and I would do it all over again.


Dickie Helpenstill



My husband

Lonnie is really romantic and caring.  When we got engaged, he sang to me

and proposed with a poem he had written.  He  often suprises me; such as

the valentines day when he was working in another town and drove in just

for the night to be with me, or when I was out of town one night and he

stayed up to suprise me by painting the bedroom and bathroom before I got

home. And, when I was temporarily paralyzed by MS last year, he took off

to care for me round the clock for several months.


Alyssa Glosson



Even though my

top weight was 476 (I've lost 190 lbs. so far) my husband of 17 years

still tells me every day how beautiful I am, how much he loves me, and how

lucky he is to have found me.


Cynthia Edwards



How can you

describe the perfect man in romance, its my husband.  We have been married

25 wonderful years. He's always sending me flowers just to tell me how

much he loves me.  He brings me breakfast at work when he knows I skipped.

We go out on dates at least once a month if not more when we can. He is my

very best friend I can tell him anything.  He's always telling me how

beautiful I am, even thou I know it's only thru his eyes. This is why my

Husband is so special to me.


Rebecca whitaker



His Smile

Contagious is his smile and

  funny is his wit,

His smile is warm and inviting,

  and his jokes will never quit


Gentle is his heart as he

  grins from ear to ear.

Saying all the wonderful things

  he knows I like to hear.


He captured me with his smile

  one sad depressing day.

Teaching me a lesson to pass a

  smile along the way.


In his strong arms I know I'm

 home and his smile is meant

 for me.

Romance is not the gifts or

  trinkets but the love he

  gives all for free.


For Tony 2003


Brenda Sinclair



Since husband

is my best friend,I think he's the best.  Along with working everyday, he

is always willing to help anyone in need.  He's always available whenever

his kids need him, which includes my three children from a previous

marriage. The highlight of any day is when his grandchildren come to

visit. Thanks for having this contest.  While trying to decide what I

wanted to write, I realized I haven't told him how much I appreciate the

love and respect he has given me through the years.


sherry maynard



I've already

written once telling that the most romantic thing about my husband is that

he absolutely adores me, but 100 words were just not enough to tell of all

the romantic things his adoration for me causes him to do.  More examples

follow:  I've come home to many candlelit dinners. He's given hundreds of

massages.  Anytime we get a chance to "get away", (which isn't often)he

does all the planning and fills the trip with romance.  He loves to be

spontaneous.  He even sings to me. He knows what my favorite things are

and he makes sure he gets them for me regularly. He's totally in love with

me and makes sure that I always know it. Romance at it's best.


Lea Ann Day



My husband

composed music and lyrics and recorded a love song for me. It is a

humongous hit in Longview Clubs when the USLORDS perform. The song has

been heard by Ricky Lynn Gregg who showed some interest in recording it

and also Dwayne Probes of Little Texas showed some interest in it.


Sandy Jones



Any woman that

finds a man to love her for who she is is all ready luckier beyond belief.

My husband is a man of patience.  While I was away in basic training my

husband held down the basic everday rigors of house work and yet still

found time to write me 2-3 letters a day expressing how proud he was of

what I was doing. My husband definetly is a very special man, maybe not to

you but to his wife he's the greatest.


Kathlene Allen



MY husband

Doyal is a romantic at heart. He brings me coffee every morning when he

wakes up and wakes me with a kiss. He brings me roses out of the yard when

they are blooming. He is the most thoughtful and loving person I know. He

calls me at home on my days off just to say he loves me and even takes off

several times just to spend the day with me. He sees something he thinks I

will like and brings it home to me. He writes me little love notes and

leaves them around the house. I thank God every day for giving him to me.


BJ Shewbirt



Married 20

years.  He still makes me laugh.  We are still best friends.  He is the

best father to our 2 teenage boys.  We work the same hours so we can be

together the rest.  He cries when watching a sad movie and looks at me and

asks me if I am crying, and we both bust out laughing.  I would rather be

with him at home than to go anywhere else without him.  He sacrifices so

me and our boys don't have to, when times get tough.  He has never let me

down and even saved my life 15 years ago when I had heart failure.  He

deserves a great night out and he deserves to win this contest.





Have Been going

to Texas A&M fire training for 12 years. Every time I leave for a week of

fire training I get to College Station to unpack and look for my card or

some personal item my wife always puts some where in my bag. We have been

married for 34 years and have only gotten stronger feelings for each other

over time. But to find her card with her heart felt feelings makes me love

her more each day.


Jimmy Chisolm



My husband Mark

and I went to high school together.  We never spoke to each other until

our senior year when we had to sing a duet together for a Valentine

coronation where we had been elected Sweeheart and beau. We still sing

together every chance we get.  We have been married for almost 10 years

now, and he never ceases to amaze me with his thoughtfulness.  One time,

he sent me flowers on HIS birthday just to let me know that I was the best

gift he could ever wish for.  Mark is a youth minister and I am a teacher.

We also have two kids, so there is not a lot of time for us to spend

together alone.  He is constantly giving to other people. I would love

this chance to give back a little of what he gives me every day.


Nycki Sorensen



The most

romantic thing about my husband, Jason, is that he is truly my best

friend.  Really.  We have gone to school together since the second grade,

including elementary, junior high, high school, junior college, and U.T.

Tyler. Through horrible car accidents, the loss of friends, college, our

first marriages -and divorces, which happened within just a couple months

of each other's, we were there for each other.  We have always been

extremely close friends.  Our lifelong friends wondered what had taken us

so long to finally get together.  As spouses, we have never been closer.

After 26 years, he is, and always has been, my best friend.  I love him

very much, and on top of all of this - we honeymooned at Kiepersol, and

loved it.


Kristina Hastings



My wife is the

epitomy of a godly wife. Several years ago God placed it on my heart to

return to school and get my degree to coach and teach. This meant quitting

a very lucrative job, selling a nice house and surviving on a very small

income. Through all the trials she has never complained. She has only

supported me completely. She is truly my helpmate. She works tirelessly at

our church, assists me teaching a Sunday school class and still has time

to be a great mother and wife. (she also works fulltime) She is truly an

example of love and devotion EVERY DAY. Thanks for an opportunity to tell

aboutthe great lady God has given to me for my partner for life.


Rick McClain



When I  heard

about the contest, I wanted to tell you about my wonderful husband. He's

the most caring and generous person I've ever met. He's always thinking of

others and what he can do help. Then yesterday evening I got a call from

my sister, who is need of some financial assistance, I discussed it with

him and within 5 minutes of our discussion he wrote a very nice check for

me to send to her, then took me and my mother out to diner to boot.

He deserves a special treat for all he does everyday, all year.


Tyersa Crooks




He makes me

more than what I am.  When I am with him, he makes me feel beautiful,

intelligent and worthy.

His love for God and his passion for me and our daughter are irrevocable

and incredibly sexy.  To hear him give a rousing rendition of "Mr. Brown

can Moo, Can You" brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart.

He is sensible and steadfast, loving and giving.  He gives me time off in

the evenings and on the weekends, just to be ME if I want it,and honestly

wants what I want.  MY happiness is more than important to him. He is so

much more tan SPECIAL and

without him, my life would be less.


Shanygne Gullickson



19 long stemmed

red roses with a broach (I saw months ago) nestled in the middle of them

for our 19th wedding anniversary.

A mime sent to my office with a rose for my birthday.

A hot tub set up in the back yard for a surprise.

Flowers just to say he loves me.

A day spa (arranged by him) for a treat – he even had lunch delivered.

He calls his Mom (and my Mom) just to chat.

The best friend you could ask for and one of the nicest people I know.


Tammy Jones



Jim and I have

been married for going on five years. We never had a chance to take a

honeymoon. He has a way of making the best out of everything that seems to

go wrong.

I will come home and he will have dinner cooked, laundry done, bath drawn

ready for me to enjoy. He will place little notes on my steering wheel in

the middle of the night for me to find the next morning on my way to work.

We dream of having a real honeymoon someday but he tries to make everyday

a special day.


Alice Yeatts



Melanie is the

second half of my existence. I would not be me without her in my life.

Like a rose in that not just one pedal makes up a rose, Melanie has many

pedals combined to make up this beautiful flower loved by so many. To name

a few pedals, Melanie is a great fifth grade math teacher who gives so

much and is adored by her students. She is my best friend and personal

counselor when life gets me down. And last, she is the beautiful mother of

our first unborn baby girl who is due in May.


Robert Rivers



I don't hear I

love you or get romanced much. But I have never doubted in 17 years, what

I mean to John. He told me once, I never did anything for him to distrust

me. No matter HOW petty I was being. John understands, cause that is what

I feel at that time. I can't list things that make him special. He just

is! No one has to tell me, how blessed I am to have a man like John as my

husband. I have always known. He isn't just my husband, he's my heart!


Kristy Ellison



I have been

married to this "Special" man for 35 years this coming September.  He has

a big heart, for me, our 3 grown children and our 4 grandchildren. We have

been raising 2 of our grandchildren for 4 years, ages 6 and 5 now. He

cooks when I have to work late, does house work without being asked,&

holds down a 50 hr. week job too. He'll call me just to play a romantic

song or send flowers - just because.  He's so caring,loving,kind,giving,

helpful,romantic,and just getting better with time like a fine wine.


Brenda Pucheu

















what makes my

husband so special is the way he cares about other people. He will feed

anyone who's hunger, he love to cook as along as he is cooking for someone


He fines something good in everybody and he wants to be friend them. Thats

what have keep me with this man for 19 yrs. (robert byron brooks)


kathie brooks