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I met my spouse in 1967 in Gulfport, MS.  He was serving in the Navy Seebees.  He

was not the knight in shining armor that I thought I would marry, but I fell for him very quickly.  We married after a 10 month courtship and moved to Texas.  In November, 2001, we went on a holiday to Red River, NM.  We were riding on four-wheelers when I lost control and tumbled 60 feet down.  I broke several bones and was in a coma for 28 days.  My husband, Eddy, was soattentive and loving.  He stayed by my side the whole time and prayed for my recovery. Our relationship is stronger and I would like to honor him by winning your contest.


Charlotte Rabe



My husband's name is Jerry and he is so very special because of his compassion for

others. He loves to help people and has such a humanitarian spirit that he sometimes over extends  himself to serve.  He serves on several boards here in Henderson which all relate to service to mankind.  His passion to help others is so intense, he has been taken advantage of but that doesn't make him give up.  The next person who needs or asks for help, he goes about the business of doing that. I love him for his compassion for



Jean H. Williams



Forty-seven years ago, my love entered my life.  He was a junior in college and I had

just graduated from high school and could not believe he would give me a second look.  He was a dark headed, handsome and very intellegent young man and I was a 98 pound weakling.  I soon discovered the depth of his character and his great love of God.  This has grown over the years as well as his love for me and our children. His honesty, love of God and his fellow man makes him  special to all who know him.


Peaches Owen



My husband, David is a loving and devoted husband and father of three little girls.

He works third shift and tries his best to sleep during the day so that when our oldest daughter comes home from school he can get up and spend time with all three before they go to bed.  He tirelessly plays with them, teaches them, cuddles with them, and is constantly letting them know how much he loves them.  Even though at times he would much rather get some sleep or do other projects, he puts our children first.  He does more than his share of baths, brushing hair, reading stories and holding their hair

back from their face when they are sick.  Our children will grow up knowing that they can go to their daddy for ANYTHING and that above all else, he will be there for them with open arms.  That is why my husband is so very special not only to me, but to our daughters as well.


Michele Miller



He's the man I will marry someday soon. I hope that doesn’t disqualify me. After both of

our marriages of over 20 years broke up, neither of us ever thought we would love again. We met August 31, 2002, and know God brought us together even though we waited all our lives for each other. We have'nt missed a weekend yet of seeing each other. You see thats special, because He lives 560 miles from me, and drives here every weekend to be with me. He is MORE than I have ever dreamed of meeting, He is my best friend and future soulmate.


Robin Simmons



My husband is loving, caring a good provider and most of all sensitive. My husband is

not afraid to  cry during a good movie. He is my one true love for 30 years this year. We met through friends and wrote to eachother for 2 years. You really get to know someone through letters. Still have all his letters.  We have only went to bed once in the 30 years mad at eachother. We talk things out. Not a day goes by that either he or I tell the other

we love them and kiss good night. He is my soul mate for life.


Dorothy Larson



Without a doubt, the most romantic thing about my husband, Jeff Darden, is how he

plays with our one-year-old daughter, Heather. He has never been one to surprise me with flowers or candlelight dinners, but watching him play with her is so much better. When she laughs, it makes us both laugh and I am never as happy as I am when I see her smile or hear her laugh. While flowers and dinners would be nice, him being a  wonderful "Da-Da" is what strengthens our relationship - and isn't that what romance is all about.


Dawn Darden



It's not the brown eyes that look like sad little puppy dogs. It's not the smile that

lights up a room. It's not his cute and cuddly bear like body. It's not his great father that he is to his son. It's not way he cooks all the meals and brings me my plate and helps with all the chores. What makes my hubby (Kelly) so special is that his my best friend!!


You see after my husband of almost 19 years passed away 4 years ago I never thought that I would find anyone else.  I met this friend on the Internet and after several months of talking with him we decided to meet.  Our first date was at Coffee Landing at Lake Palastine where we dined and then sat in the car and talked for 3 solid hours.  It was if we knew each other all our life. I think our relationship is one that few people ever find in a life time, because he is my best friend and the love of my life. Although, I know this is more than 100 words it takes more than that to describe my special someone!


Helen Kalinec



My loving man loves me from within no matter what size pants I am in.

My loving man respects me dearly and pays me compliments more that just


My loving man has a wonderful disposition and loves me under any


My loving man does not like to fight and still loves me if I am out of


My loving man deserves much love and care, because he puts our family

first over any affair.

All of these things and many more are what makes my husband so special,

and the man that I adore!


Aubrey Ross








It’s not his eyes, or his physique, or the flowers, nor the jewelry.  But it’s his devotion, thoughtfulness, concern and consideration for those nearest and dearest to him; his friends and family.  He has set aside his dreams, his desires, cancelled vacations and his ambitions, for others.  What makes him so special is the tireless hours that he spends making the lives of those around him more comfortable.  It’s caring for his quadriplegic brother on a daily basis, his aging mother, his friend who’s wife has cancer and the one in financial difficulty, his children and, last, me.


Denise Jones



My fiance took me to the Renacance Fair in White House there he bought a cheep ring little did I know that He was going to propose to me. Well He did it was a clear starry night and He took me out to the field where we were watching the stars and took it out and asked me to marry him. We are planning a Renaissance Wedding now and everything.


Liberty Woodward



my husband is so special to me because he takes out the trash. he is a wonderful father

to our two children of 3 and 7 so we do not get much alone time.  he

respects me as a individiual and he is my best friend.he works hard so we

can have a good life.i do not work i am a stay at home mom so i do not

make money to buy him a gift from the heart.that is why i am entering this

contest so maybe i can win him a gift since i do not have my own money to



Thank you,




What makes my spouse so special are the sacrifices he makes on my behalf.  We have been married nearly 4 years, but one such instance will always be in mind.  A couple of years ago, I was babysitting four children in addition to taking care of our own little one.  One particular night, my husband couldn't sleep and didn't go to bed until 2AM.  About thirty minutes later, I woke up with a very bad stomach virus.  My husband stayed up with me and took me in to the doctor.  Since it was too short of notice to cancel on the babysitting for that day, he took his last sick day to stay home.  (He had an emergency appendectamy a couple of months before.)  He took care of 5 children on little sleep, took care of me, and numerous chores.  Another time he stayed up late to hand wash a blouse I wanted to wear to church one Sunday.  I am blessed to have him for eternity.


Cindy Bennett



Our 5 year anniversary is on Feb. 19 and so far it has been a wonderful 5 years.  My

husband is so special to me because not only is he my best friend, he's my whole world.  Before we got married I was having alot of personal problems that I could not talk about until I knew how to deal with them.  He understood that and never pressured me to speak about them and never brought up the issue.  Yet at the same time he was supportive in my decisions and very helpful.  I have never been able to show him enough how much I appreciate him and his support.  I love him so much because of his

kindness.  He still opens every door for me and treats me like a queen. We spend all of our free time together always.  I don't think I will ever be able to express how much I love this wonderful man.



I have the most amazing husband in the world. Besides his amazing good looks and charming personality, I can say I am one of the previleged few how has a stay at

home husaband who does the cooking,cleaning, and laundry. I recieve a massage every night and I get pampered when I have had a bad day at work. But one thing he does that is extra special is on our first anniversary he gave me one red rose that he calls the eternal rose. And in four years with him I can say it has never died. He makes sure its always new and beautiful. I thank God every day for him. But what's hte most romantic

thing about my husband, is he says he wakes up every day and thanks God for ME. And for a woman whats more romantic than that!!!


Kelly Appleton



What makes my spouse, Stephen, so special are many things.  But if there was one thing that I could say is that he is always there for me.  We have been married for 12 years.  We don't have the perfect marriage, but we work at it and I think that is what matters.  He has wrote me some beautiful poems over the years that I wouldn't trade for anything. I tell him that I would rather have those than a card any day because they came from his heart.  He is also a great dad to our 2 boys.  He is a very special person and I am so glad that God brought us together.


Sheri Pritchett



I would like to enter my husband James into the Romance getaway.  We have been married since September 14,2002. He is a very good provider and makes me feel like I am the only one. We are both in our mid. 40's. I have 3 grown sons and 3 wonderful grandbabies that have now become his also. In November of 2002 I became ill. He has re assured me that everything is going to be okay and he has stayed by my side. I am still visiting doctors often and many more test to follow. He now only loves me he shows

it in his caring and loving ways. His personailty is A # 1 and has a heart of gold that is what makes him so very special. Thank you for letting me tell you how wonderful my husband is.



Jeannie Foreman



Tom is the most wonderful husband in the world.  He is so friendly, caring, giving, loving

and kind. He cares so deeply for his family.  He is a fabulous father of 3 and grandfather of 2.  He raised his children from a previous marriage and had a vasectomy 16 yrs ago and never once hesitated to have a vasectomy reversal 4 yrs ago so that I may have a chance to have a child of my own. This only proves to me that he thinks of everyone else first.  After difficulties in trying to get pregnant, we hope and pray that we will have

a child together very soon.  Tom is my best friend and soul mate.  He is a true romantic that can melt you with his precious blue eyes and magnetic smile.  I love to sit back and watch him with everyone he meets because his kindness shows through his heart everytime.  He is indeed my whole life and he gives me every reason to love him more and more every single day with my all of my heart and soul.


Thanks :)



Janis is so special by how she cares and loves me everyday in spite of my disability

(kidney failure).  I have been on dialysis since then, going for treatments every other day for 4 to 5 hours. My illness has kept us from traveling and doing romantic things away from home at such an early age in our lives and she has remained loyal, caring, supporting and most of all loving. Janis makes everyday of our lives so romantic. Her long auburn hair, beauty and love gives me the courage to keep living.


Amy Ayars




My Husband is special because he is always there for me. No matter what we have gone thru, he always stands by me. This last year I do not know what I would

have done if he had not been here with me, my father died suddenly in March of 2002. I was with my mother in Arkansas when we heard the news. He offered to come and get us so we would not have to drive home alone. He is always willing to give in whatever way any one needs him. He has this inner strength and kindness that he gives to all people who know him, best of all he never ask anything in return.


Misty Medrano




I often have a weird fear of driving places.  Even though I am a 47 year old, college

educated outgoing school teacher, I have trouble finding my way across town.  My husband never complains about driving me anywhere.  When my mother was sick in Dallas, about 2 hours away, my sweet husband would drive me there at night and then come back to get me the next day.  Once I had a meeting in Dallas and he drove me and just hung around waiting for me to get through.  Even if I have a conference across town, he has to give me directions every time I go.  I think it is so sweet that he helps me through this quirky deal.  In my opinion, this is romantic.


Jackie Cannon



My spouse is so

special by the way he takes care of his family.  One particular morning

our daughter had been very ill with fever and congestion.  He insisted on

staying home to take care of her.  When I returned from work, I found our

daughter sound asleep on the sofa and my husband in the laundry room

drying the seventh load.  The flames in the fireplace lit up the living

room, causing me to notice a spotless livingroom.  The aroma of a home

cooked meal led me to the dining area to find a candle-lit dinner for two.


Rebecca Parker



My husbands

thoughtfullness is the most romantic thing about him.  He has been ill

with ruematoid authritis for many years and instead of being a complainer

and giving up he is always trying to find ways to make my life easy and

special because now I am the one that works.  He makes sure that I am well

taken care of like having candles buring to make to house smell good or

make sure my favorite blouse is clean incase I want to wear it.  He

sometimes suprises me with a bubble bath after a long day at work.  When I

look at my husband I do not see the affects of a crippling disease I see a

man with a beautiful heart and a romantic sole.


Gayle Cazalas



My husband is a

sweet to me in every way. He`s warm, kind and very understanding. A real

provider for our family. Words can not express the true meaning of how

wonderful he is, I just love him with all my heart.


Evelyn  Ausborne






We will have

been married 16 years this coming MArch 8th. My wife has gone out of her

way to always try to do something romantic for me to include reserving a

hotel room on our last anniversary to creating a French Bistro at

our home one weekend. Despite my working two jobs and not getting home

till 9m nightly she always has our best intrest at heart. It is the little things that she does each day without being asked. I love her very much.


Richard Pearson



The most

romantic thing about my spouse Debbie,is the time that we have after our

grandson Preston is put to bed. Preston is a victim of baby shaking. Hee

requires most of her time for doctor appointments and his special needs.

But Debbie always saves her time at night for me. Debbie is my best friend

and the only woman I ever need. She is a very loving lady and makes the

best of our time very exciting.There is never a dull moment when we have

our time alone.Debbie is my friend,lover,companion,my wife.

                 Yours Truely

                  Mike Coulter




Gene my husband

is so good to me, and is a great person to know,he is so

dependable. He is always the first to show up and the last one to leave

any Service project or

to help out anyone who needs it in our small town of Gilmer.

 He works two jobs and is known as a workaholic, and has

very little time to do anything

for himself.

And I won't to spoil him sometimes. Make his day!

He has a great sense of humor

and you will be entertained

by his personality.

Because I love him! Janice


Gene davis



With this

weekend being our 18th wedding anniversary, I can say that I love him more

today than yesterday.  The most romantic attributes of my husband are his

ability to love me unconditional and without hesitation.  He loves me for

who I am, no matter what happens.  He is the one who allows me to shine

all the while standing in the shadows.  After many years of school when

physics or statistics where unbearable he would say, “keep going you’re

almost finished”.  Dedicated to me husband who has my everlasting love.


Wendy Staples


My husband Andy

is special for many reasons. First of all, he is my best friend and has

been since the moment we met 4 years ago. Our story is unique because we

grew up together as children due to the friendship of our parents. My mom

even saved Andy's life when he was just 7 years old due to a potentially

fatal yellowjacket sting, which makes God's plan for us to be together

even more definite. We had not seen each other in literally 20 years and

we were reunited in 1999. From the first moment we talked on the phone, we

knew we were meant to be. Every day I have shared with this man has truly

been the most blessed gift. He is kind, gentle, compassionate, caring, and

genuinely supportive of all I do. He is a loving father, and a wonderful

and thoughtful husband. He is never too tired to help me with the house or

just to rub my shoulders. He is romantic in traditional ways such as

flowers and gifts, but more important, he is romantic in all the little

ways that make love last. He is truly my soulmate and I thank God every

day for the opportunity He has given me to experience a marriage where

"two have truly become one."



Libby Gamble



My husband is a

very gentle, kind, loving man.  He is a great provider for our family.  He

works constantly trying to help his church,family and fellowman.He works

at his place employment too. It would be great for the two us to be able

to just get away for some quality time just the two of us. No children,

grandchildren, in-laws, telephones.  He is very deserving of this.


Ernestine Foreman



I thank you and your sponsors for creating this woulder idea thank you and

God bless.


Ernestine Foreman



I really

wouldn't call my husband ROMANTIC, but he is very special to me and our

kids. If I come home from work tired or just plain worn out, he jumps

right in to help or do it all....Cooking, helping with the homework

whatever needs doing. There has been times when I've came home and supper

is already fixed and after the cleaning is done and not by me. We have

been married for 17 years and he still suprises me with little things that

mean so much. You don't have to be romantic to have a great love in your

life. Just that SPECIAL someone who is just for you. He will always be my



Patsy Whitaker




When he's

asleep at night beside me, I think "I can't believe he picked me."

When he enters a room my heart still flutters, and I get a flush.

When we're alone we take the phone off the hook "just to not be


When he works out and fine-tunes his muscular body, "it's just for me".

When the garbage needs taking out, and the cat litter needs changing, he's

the one who does the dirty work.

When romance is in the air, he is better than ever - even after 41 years

of marriage.  I love him.





well my spouse

is so special for the simple fact that she is so loving and caring. she

will put her own feelings aside to make sure i am happy. she is also so

beautiful. her gorgous smile could brighten any dark room . I can say that

we have been together for 5 years and every single second has been the

best of the life. she had taken some glamour pics, about three months ago

and i have them in my room and i find myself staring in her eyes(in the

picture) all the time. I just cant get enough of he. she is so perfect,

she is my everything.


jeff baxter










Eyes–the window

to the soul.  My husband’s beautiful azure eyes often glint with a hint of

mischief.  Sometimes they reflect the compassion he feels for others.  In

a manner uncharacteristic of so many males, his eyes often weep as he is

filled with emotion.  But the  thing about his eyes that  appeals to me is

that twenty-five years ago, he pledged to “only have eyes” for me.  Our

marriage is based on trust and commitment.  His love is not an “I love you

if...” or “I love you because...” kind of love.  It is an “I love

you...period” love.


Patricia Richey



A coaches wife

that sees the kids on my team as her own...a step mom who sees my two boys

as her own...a teacher's wife who has heartache when a kid has problems in

my class...a mother who sees life as a child when she is with her own

daughter...Not only is my wife beautiful on the outside, she is more

beautiful on the being so unselfish and by loving and caring

for our family and the kids I teach and coach....she does all of this by

seeing the world through two, amazing, beautiful, captivating blue eyes

that lost me from the moment i looked into them.


Brian Bowman




Romance is the

show of love.  my husband Bruce sows me everyday how much he loves me.

Because of an accident I am unable to walk.  He has done all the little

and big things that I have a hard time with doing.  But what makes him so

special is he never seems to get tired of all I ask and need him to do for

me.  I wished I had room to tell you all he does, his love for me is the

most romantic thing about my husband, Bruce.


Michelle McDowell



what makes my

wife special?

we have been together for 16 years, 16 of the most wonderfull years of my

life, she has always been there for me. when i was in college pursing a

nursing degree she worked three jobs, just so i would have time to study

and hve time for clinicalsl. she has raised three of the most wonderfull

children in the world, and still had time to put up with my study groups

cooking and cleaning for us. i love my wife dearly she has been an angel

and a god send to me, and she really deserves to be treated like a queen

for a night.


james key



Every morning,

he wakes me up and look at me with those bluegreen eyes and say I love

you. Through the day he call just to say I love you & want to hear my

voice. It has been this way from the day we got married and that was 14yrs


He always want to help people in need , it's just his nature.

He says it is because if his wife need help he hope someone will help me

if he is not there. The last thing he say after good night is I love you.





We have been

married for 28 years and we are now alone again!  Both of our kids are at

Texas Tech going to college.  My husband always tells me..."

is just like when we were first married...we have each other and no

money!" All our money IS going to Lubbock!We were a little worried when

both kids were away at college, but we have found out we have a life!!  We

go to the YMCA together, cook new recipes, and enjoy a movie at home

alone! My husband makes each stage of our life a blessing!


Kathy Psencik