By Ryan Peterson - bio | email

WHITE OAK, TEXAS (KLTV) -  The city of White Oak is small in size.  On the volleyball court, White Oak seems much bigger.

"It feels awesome," said White Oak Junior Tara Wait.  "Because they're a 5A team and are supposed to be amazing. We beat them and are just a 2A school."

A 2A team, White Oak owns wins over 4A and 5A school's this season.

"Whenever we lose, it's weird," said White Oak Junior Morgan Wilson.

Really, really weird.  The Lady Necks have played 36 matches this year.  They've won every single time.

"It's kind of special," said Wait.  "We're a unique team and no one has ever done that before and it's just a really an honor."

"This is a school record and we feel honored just to be undefeated this far," said White Oak's only senior Shannon Stillwell.  "We're just hoping we can go undefeated all the way to state.>

White Oak has taken the road to Austin twice.  Never bringing back a championship.

"We all want state," said Stillwell.  "We really do think this is going to be the year we go all the way."

All the way for a proud East Texas community.

"Everybody is expecting us to win," said Stillwell.  "We're held to a higher standard."