Battling breast cancer doesn't stop this East Texan

By Lakecia Shockley - bio | email
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SPRING HILL, TX (KLTV) - She is an East Texas cancer fighter with a will to survive. Nancy K. Green isn't letting her battle with breast cancer stop her from doing the thing she loves...teaching. Mrs. Green's school district, is making sure she doesn't fight the battle alone.

Nancy K. Green never saw the surprise coming.

"Usually I can speak, but this is...good gosh who all is here?!" said Green.

Dressed in their pink and green t-shirts, Spring Hill High ISD formed a NKG, line of love, for Green.

"Yeah, I love this shirt!" exclaimed Green. "It's awesome!"

And, the t-shirt surprise was just the beginning.

"We raised you a check...for $2,250.00!"

For Green the love and support comes at a challenging time. Over the summer, cancer struck her body.

"This is a very fast and aggressive cancer and by the time I was diagnosed, which was like two or three months after it even made a change, it was already stage three cancer," said Green. "My double mastectomy is scheduled for 27th of October so I'm hoping my body can handle all of this. With people like this supporting you and God, I'm not too worried, not that concerned. I will be a survivor."

A survivor that keeps surviving...with the help of her school. The district donated 24 pints of blood when Green needed it most.

"Chemotherapy had totally ulcerated my stomach," said Green. "I had two bleeding ulcers and I was literally bleeding to death. And, they did an emergency surgery. That's when the 24 pints of blood came that I had to have."

For her students, Green's cancer fight inspires them.

"She's extremely special," said Carlee Wood, the student council president. "She's touched the lives of many of us."

And, for Green, their support keeps her going.

"Until it hits you or someone you love, you don't get it," said Green. "Well, I understand I fight cancer or I can fight cancer."

"I hope they can see on my face and through my heart how they've touched me and what this means cause words aren't adequate," said Green. "Words are not."

Nancy says early breast cancer detection is key. She encourages all women to get mammogram, especially with it being Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As for Spring Hill ISD, they held a Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast for Nancy K. Green. They also had green milk and biscuits.

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