East Texas recovering from flooding

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WOOD COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Rain left its mark on East Texas. Tuesday, water flooded low lying areas, and several roads were washed out and blocked off.

It's was a small, but visible sign of Tuesday's flooding: a pipe was put in place Wednesday afternoon so County Road 446 could re-open.

"What had happened was a tree had uprooted and fell and crushed the outlet for the pipe causing the road to wash out," said Charley Miller, the Assistant Road Administrator for Smith County.

This was the only road in Smith County still blocked off this morning. Miller, says Smith County roads are clear.

"Our guys are out right now picking up barricades and that one road we had closed is now open," said Miller.

But, not all East Texas counties have recovered so quickly.

In Wood County, there are still several creeks that struggle to recede and they flood miles of pasture land.

Keith Johnson with the Texas Department of Transportation says his crews worked all night and continue to monitor roads.

"We have people out there checking the barricades, making sure they're in place [and] checking the water levels to see if they're going up or down," said Johnson.

In Wood County, FM 1804, FM 1254, FM 779, FM 312, and FM 49 are still closed. In Van Zandt County, FM 857 is closed.

Johnson says it's the low lying areas that were first to fill up and last to drain.

"It may take a week or more before we get everything clear," said Johnson.

And, until the sun comes out, clean up crews will work hard to dry up East Texas. Several East Texas schools were closed or delayed Wednesday (October 14), but all of them will resume classes as normal October 15.

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