Man shot dead, suspect arrested

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - An early morning fight leads to gunfire and death. The incident occurred at Varsity Place Apartments in Tyler. Police say it was an isolated incident - an escalation of a fight that led to the death of 21-year-old Ricky Davis of Hallsville.

Keith Dotson, 21, of Houston, was arrested afterwards on unrelated warrants, but he is being questioned as a suspect in the shooting. Varsity Place Apartments are just across the street from the University of Texas at Tyler. Police say, after a fist fight was won by Davis, the other person went to an apartment, got a handgun, and fired several shots into a crowd of people in the parking lot, killing Davis with a single shot to the head. No one else was hurt, but several residents were woken by the gunfire, one says he wasn't surprised.

"The back of that complex has been bad for a while," said Samuel Daimwood, a resident. "The fights keep coming and coming, and my wife was saying I'd be more surprised. But, I've been preparing myself for this, that someone would finally go from a fight to getting killed out there."

Dotson was a student at Tyler Junior College, Davis was not enrolled in college. Tyler police don't know what the initial argument was about. They are in the process of obtaining a warrant for murder at this time.

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