Too much rain causes problems for East Texas

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EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - It seems that everywhere our crews went Tuesday, they found some flooding. Mount Pleasant, Mineola, Terrell, Mount Vernon and Gilmer are just some of the hardest hit cities.

Near Mineola, half a dozen streets were blocked off because of high water.

The fire marshal says city crews are cleaning out run-off ditches, and the fire department is on standby for water rescues.

"Quit driving across flooded roads is the main thing," said David Madsen, the Mineola fire marshal. "Everybody be safe. You can't help the roads flooding, but people can stay out of them."

The fire marshal said they will continue to watch roads and block them off if water gets too high.

In Wood County, the rain caused evacuations near Highway 37 and County Road 2330, near Victory Lake.

Water breached the lake's dam early Tuesday morning, and emergency crews arrived around noon. They put sand bags out in hopes to stop the water, but they say if the dam breaks, roads and homes nearby may flood. The owner of Victory Lake said the dam had a drainage problem, and he has been working on it for the past year.

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"But, with all of the rain that we have had in the last two or three weeks, there is no place for the water to go," said Jeff Vail, owner of Victory Lake.

Late Tuesday afternoon, emergency crews said they think they've patched the damn up well enough to stop it from bursting.

Video captured in Terrell, just outside of Dallas, shows how they have had creeks overflow to where they almost look like rapids. The high water has also stalled some vehicles there.

Throughout East Texas, plenty of roads have standing water or are water covered. In Smith County we know that the following roads are close, right now:

Country Road 446 is water covered and has suffered significant damage. We are told it will remain closed until repairs can be made.

On Country Roads 426 and 452, water has gone over bridges, closing the roads there.

Remember if you come across a road that is covered in water, turn around. All it takes is two feet water to be swept away in your car.

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