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spose so special are all the little things he does. When we first started

dating he had to go out of town for his cousins wedding, but he left me a

present to remind me of him, he left me hershey's hugs and kisses for

everyday he would be gone. Then he proposed to me on Valentine's day I had

no clue he was going to do it. He had his sister make chocolate covered

strawberries and take a bottle of wine to the pier at lake Hawkins. Where

she sat it all up on a blanket. He blind folded me and took me there and

then he got on one knee and proposed. It was the sweetest thing anyone

ever done for me. Know we have been married for almost 3 years. And that

is what makes my husband so special.


Misty Welborn



Chris and I

have been together for 5 years. He is not only my husband, but my best

friend. He has a wonderful heart and would give the shirt off his back for

anyone. He has taught me the real meaning of love and I would do anything

for him. I am a house wife right now and do not have a (real) job, but he

has never forced me to work. He takes such great care of me and I wish

that I could do something for him to make him feel even more speical than

he is right now. We never had a honnymoon and maybe something like this

will make up for it. He truely is my soul mate and I thank God every day

for makeing an angel on earth like him.


Holley Breckel





We've been

married 40 years.  In all that time he has surprised me many times with

tokens of his love.  Last Saturday Night, he did the most wonderful thing

I could think of.  A 10 year girl in our church, has no father.  The YMCA

was having a "Father and Daughter Dance", and all the girls were talking

about it.  Britt called Katy during the week and asked her if she would

like to go to the dance with him.  He bought her a coursage, took her to

the dance and dinner afterwards.  He made this little girl one of the

happiest girls at the dance.  We have a granddaughter the same age, and

could only imagine how she would feel if she had to stay home because of

no father to take her.  To me this was the greatest gift of all, just

knowing how happy he had made a 10 year old girl.


Wanda Puzey



He is the

special guy I have been looking for all of my life.  He is so romantic, he

helps with household chores. He tells me you've worked all day go sit down

and let me cook you dinner, or let me vacuum, do dishes.  Or anything

around the house.  He is one of a kind.  He gives me back rubs at night.

He is so special.  He treats me like I am a QUEEN.


Shannon Hall



My husband is

special because he served for our country in the USMC. He is a great

father to our daughter and upcoming baby due in August. He works very hard

as a mechanic and he is always out in the cold or rain working and never

complaining about it. He also works on the side building houses. So when

he has worked for 4 weeks straight with no days off he still smiles and

says that he loves us and he works this hard for our family. He deserves

something that is special because he is so very special. Thanks.....


Crystal Smith



I remember

rocking back and forth crying.  Praying for God to help me and send me

someone that could love me.  I was about to pick up and disappear after

going through 7 years of mental and physical abuse, and a terrible

divorce.  One week to the day, my friend introduced me to a wonderful man.

He asked me to go out and I was scared, but he understood and took it

slow.  He held my hand when my ex husband and his girlfriend had their first

baby(she got pregnant by him while living in my home as a friend, while I

was still married to him).  He loved me through everything.  I have always

referred to him as my angel sent from God.  I wouldn't be here if it

weren't for him.  He is my angel.


Bobbie Jean Tichi




My husband,

Jack Allen and I, have been married for 12 1/2 years now.  When we first

married in December of 1990, due to his work schedule as a firefighter, we

never took a honeymoon.  He went back to work the very next night after

our wedding.  The night of our wedding was that horrible ice storm of'90.

We should have most likely stayed here in Tyler with my family after the

wedding, but instead, Jack wanted us to at least spend our wedding night

alone.  He had a basket of food and drinks waiting in the car and we drove

back to Shreveport, LA where he lived.  It took us 7 hours in the ice,

going about 15 miles per hour down the highway and stopping to help people

in disstress, but we made it.  In the following years we did take a trip

together, but we have only had 3 vacations in our 12 1/2 years together.

Jack has always made our time together special, and I feel like I need to

give him something in return.  This getaway would be perfect.  We have

traveled alot in our 12 years, but never together. We moved back to Tyler

4 years ago so that I could have the job of my dreams, and Jack is still

commuting back and forth to Louisiana to work as a Fire Chief.  He leaves

at 1pm to go to work, works 24 hours, drives home at 3pm and sleeps and

does it all again the next day.  He has made many sacrifices in our

marriage for me to be happy.  He is not only a hero to many other people

as he saves lives and makes sacrifices everyday, but he is my hero.  The

best husband and father you could have ever asked for.  I love him more

than he will ever know and I am so happy here with my job.  It has been

rough with us working in two different states, but he made that choice for

me.  Please consider this letter for your Valentine getaway.  It would

mean the world to both of us to spend just a weekend away without the

worries of the world and just each other.



                 Renee' Allen



Ever since

the death of my husband's father, my husband has learned to appreciate the

small but most important things in life. The things we never pay attention

to until they are gone. He has taught me not to take the small things for

granted and appreciate every moment I have with the ones that I love,

 even those not so great moments). He has taught me the true meaning of

love,and that is special. Just as he has taught me things I will never

forget,I want to give him a Valentine's Day he will always remember.


Aubrey Ross