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What makes my

husband unique and very special is his unselfishness, patience, and

compassion. I was a young widow with 2 small children when this man

entered my life. He was only 22 years old. Most young men his age are

wrapped up in themselves; however, he totally devoted himself to me and

the children. He is the only daddy these children really remember, and the

term  "stepfather" sounds strange to them. The most special moment was

when our daughter called one evening and said, "Daddy, I've found the man

I'm going to marry and I know he's right for me because he treats me like

you treat mom." He is also a pastor and loves his congregation and they

love him. God placed a very special gift of love and compassion in this

wonderful husband of mine.  He is constantly giving of himself, and this

year I would like to see something special done for him.  It's his turn to

enjoy the gift of receiving. February 14th, 1985 is a very special year

for us. This was our first real date, and it would be so exciting to

Romance East Texas this Valentine's Day.


Denise Weaver



My spouse,

Jerry, is handsome, caring, and giving.  He takes care of our family

without any complaints.  But the one thing that makes him stand out is

that I feel safe with him all the time.  We could be anywhere in the world

at any given time and I know that he would protect me.  He is a big

muscular man, and his protection for me and our boys is more than any

woman could ever ask for!!  Even if we had nothing else material, I know

that I have the best body guard in the world!


Kim Wallace



My husband,

Larry, is a wonderful man. We just celebrated our 26th anniversary on

2-4-03 and my love for him continues to grow every day. He has been the

best husband and father anyone could ever want. He has been terrific

helping with my parents and never complaining. But more important than

being such a wonderful husband and father, he's been my best friend.

Always there whenever I needed a shoulder, a hug, a smile or someone to

listen to me. He's the best Valentine forever..


Cheryl Smith



My Valentine is

my husband.  He is disabled from birth and I am disabled inside from being

abused as a child.  He helps me see that it was not my fault. My husband loves me unconditionally. There is no problem we can't solve together.  He helps me figure

out my check book when I think there isn't enough money to go around. He listens to my problems and helps me figure out ways to solve them.  He never lets us go to bed angry with each other  even if it means sitting up half the night talking. He makes sure I look nice before I go to work.  If I am sick, he finds a way to get me to the Doctor. He does the dishes and laundry and all the housework he can from his chair and keeps the house as nice as he can for me.  He helps me find my way around when I have to go new places. When I was laid off, I asked what do we do now?  He said we just pick up

he pieces and start over. When I am down and feeling I can't go on, he is always there

to give me an encouraging word. A touch or a smile and I know everything

will be all right. He is my friend, my hero, my soulmate, my lover and my friend.


Kim Moore



Upon returning

from our honeymoon, my husband, Bobby, placed a single live red rose on my

nightstand.  He told me how much he loved me and promised that as long as

we are in love, he would always keep a fresh red rose on my nightstand.

We have been married for almost nine years, and I have never been without

a fresh red rose or his love.  He is the most special AND the most

romantic man in the world. I am so thankful that he is MY husband!


Dallas Fitzgerald




My husband is

someone that is hard to find these days.  We  have been through some

really rough times, especially when I had an accident, was paralized for

months and through surgery and home care, he stood tall beside me, where I

have seen men walk out. The Lord has tested our Love in many ways and I

have had many tell me that they have never seen two people go through what

we have and still be in Love after 23 years..

He still looks at me so loving, like newly weds and makes me smile. I Love



Kay Wade



 Larry and I have been married for 42 years.  He has never forgotten or

ignored any special occasion for me. I have always gotten a card and gift

on every Birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas, Anniversary and Valentine's

Day.  We have 3 children and he always took them shopping  for me too. He

always put me and our children first. He encourages me to take time for

myself.  Larry loves to surprise me with "JUST   BECAUSE" Romantic Get

Aways. My friends ask me if he is always so soft-spoken, kind and

considerate. He is the Love of my life.


Ida Bullock


My husband,

John, is the greatest guy in the universe!  He leaves unexpected "Ilove

you!" notes in my car, under my pillow, in the cabinet....anywhere and

everywhere I might accidentally look.  He also sends cards to the school

where I work...just to say that he is thinking about me.  Better than any

of this is that he is thoughtful in more important ways.  When I am out of

town for UIL competition, he cleans the house, does laundry and runs kids.

He brings me coffee every morning and even cooks. He listens. He is my

best friend.


Chaundra Thomson



I could tell

you that Michael is special because is so sexy, but really that is only

the icing on the cake! First, he is such a great father.  We have three

children that absolutely adore their daddy.  Second, he is very thoughtful

and helpful husband. You may ay a guy in G-String is sexy - I say watching

Michael push a vaccuum cleaner is sexy!!    Lastly, he is the most Godly

person I have ever known. For 12 years he has lived a life consistent with

a Godly character in public and in private.  I love him most for that!


Stacy Felkins


 If romance is

calling me everyday at work just to say I love you,


If romance is stopping the buggy in a grocery store just to slow dance a

love song with me to,


If romance is seeing me with the same eyes he saw me with over twenty

years ago,


If romance is taking care of me through the whole ordeal of having cancer,

being sick, and surviving when all odds were against me,


Romance would be my husband, Anthony, my one true love.


Karen Garner







Thirty years

ago, my husband, Amos, and I met and married after only one date.  We

struggled together raising seven children, his two, my two, two foster

children and one x-step granddaughter.   Through it all, he has never

failed every day to tell me I am beautiful.   Many times a day he will

stoop down, kiss me, and tell me how very much he loves me.  We are the

best of friends who delight in each other’s company.  He has a great sense

of humor and is gentle, kind and caring.  After all these years, he is

still MY HERO!


Sandy Snow



My wife Lupe &

I have been together for 10 years as of last July 11th, & during that

time, she has always loved me in her own special way. She has never ceased

to be supportive of me as I've undergone a great deal of changing,

growing, & maturing. She has been instrumental in inspiring me to grow

spiritually & to become the man God designed me to be. Were it not for her

encouragement, I would be no more mature than I was as a teenager. God has

blessed me with my perfect soulmate.


Doug Matisi




My wife and I

met over four years ago now, when I met her I was going from women to

women just trying to find Mrs. Right. When we finally met and got married

she completed my search of the perfect women. I had been married twice

before her and she puts them to shame.She is funny, smart and keeps me on

my toes daily, that is what I love about her so much. In this world not

many people say there is a sole mate out there, but i strongly disagree

with that statement. There is a sole mate out their for everyone, mine I

ended up marrying and fallen head over heels for. And that's the truth....


Raymond Tichi


Last week, my

husband gave me the only gift I'll ever want -- a  daughter.

He there every step of the way, and he went above and beyond what most men

would do.

Bryan cooked for me, cleaned  house and never complained. He's the perfect



Our first year together, I bought him concert tickets to see his favorite

band. I accidentally threw them away before I could give them to him. That

was the closest I've come to buying him a gift he really wanted. He's the

sentimental one; I'm the pragmatic one. It's hard to tell him how much he

means to me.


Lori Thomason