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10. Joyfully ate gravy I made with Sweetened Condensed milk         instead of evaporated milk.

9. Never mentioned that his white underwear are now pink.

8. Cried silently when I recorded Oprah over the Superbowl.

7. Recovered quickly from his concussion when he fell in the tub after my

babyoil bath.


5. Swears he loves Hugh Grant films.

4. Always mails my Publisher's Clearing House entry.

3. Trashed our scale after it said I had gained 15 pounds.

2. When he forgets my birthday, he always gives great make-up gifts.

1.         He loves me!


Kathy Phillips


My husband

richly blessed me during a particularly lean financial season of our lives. Given the challenge of spending only $5.00 to purchase each other a gift, my husband took a five dollar bill and then cashed it in for 500 pennies. Affixing blank round stickers on each penny, he wrote on each one a reason he loved me.  He put the pennies in jar, tied on a bow, and presented it to me.  500 reasons I am loved--a $5.00 value, but a pricelss gift (and a pricelss husband!)


Jana Anderson



I somehow knew

that my precious Valentine was "extraordinary" the first time I laid eyes on him 30 years ago.......and I wasn't mistaken.  He is someone very special, and in turn, knows how to make me feel really special. He has a unique gift for making every single day a magic one.  His surprises are

endless!  They range anywhere from little love notes left here and there, love letters, romantic poems he composes for me and treasure hunts, which I REALLY enjoy!


S. Delgado








My husband a

6'5" tall dark and handsome native from Freeport Grand Bahamas, has a

great six pack, a muscle built toned body.  Not only does he have a great

body.  He is a smart man. He is a main. engineer at Neiman Marcus and

works there full time.  He has been building our home in Liberty City by

himself for the pass 4-5 yrs out of his pocket by himself. He done the

elec., the plumbing, the building and is now in the process of

sheetrocking it.  He has always been the type of man when he put his mine

to it he will do it.  What makes him so special is he can do anything he

puts his mine to.  He is a lead singer and bass guiter player in a local

band called the Texas Ramblers.  He has always been there for me and our

three girls.  He never have time for himself to take a break.  Not only

does he work for Neiman Marcus but he is also a self employed builder and

contracter.  This man is always on the go.  But he always put his family

first.What makes him so special is his loving and gentle attitude, his

intelligence, his sexy body, his toughness to build and knowledge to know

when and how to do.  I can not ask for more.  Feb. 14 13yrs ago I met and

started dating my  best friend but now husband at Lon Morris College.  I

am a homemaker and has never been able to do anything for my husband on

that day.  I only wish to when this to show him how much I care, and love

him.  Just for being him......


lakeysa griffin stuart




My husband is

so special because he is always there when I need him. He is a wonderful

father and husband. He cleans the house and cooks when I need him to

without me even asking him to. He takes great care of us. My coffee is

made for me every morning and he dosen't even drink any until he gets to

work. I know that I could not find a more romantic husband in the world.


Christy Cary



My husband is

the most wonderful man. We have been married nine years and have two

wonderful children. He has always made sure that we are happy before he

ever thinks of himself. He works long hours at a job he loves so that we

can have everything we want. He has made sure that I am able to stay home

with the kids with no worries. He always makes time to be everything he

can for us, even if that means no fishing (which he has not done in SIX

YEARS). He Is the Best


Kerry Pierce






My spouse

always thinks of me before himself. He even surprised me with dinner, a

diamond and pearl necklace, and my favorite cake for HIS

last birthday!  He is always surprising me with little trips overnight. I

came home from school on a Friday, not long ago, and he had a quick meal

ready, the truck prepared with pillows for me to rest on, iced tea, and

everything ready to go, and off we went.

The most amazing thing is that he has a job more stressful and demanding

than mine, but he finds the time to do all of this and more. Constantly, I

am taken to Tyler to shop for a "new outfit for church" and I find myself

placed in a dressing room while he finds as many outfits as the dressing

room will hold. I usually leave with all the clothes he can carry, and

there is seldom one thing for him. You wouldn't believe what he does

around the house just to "make my life easier," he says.  I rarely share

these things because no one believes what an incredible, selfless,

wonderful husband he is. Oh, by the way, we have been married 30 years! My

mother even told me that he was a catch and I was blessed to have married

him. The greatest blessing is that he is my best friend! Thank you at KLTV

for allowing me to share this wonderful man with you.


Nancy Brinson



Gene, my spouse

of ten years, my True Love, My Life!  He puts me on a pedestal, tells me

several times a day he loves me, and I am as beautiful as the day we met.

Puts my needs, wants, thoughts and feelings before his, spends daily

quality time visiting with me about past, present and future, helps with

cooking and cleaning, better than a nurse when I am ill, listens

attentively when I am blue, holds me when I am upset and treats his

stepchildren as his own.

My only regret, that we did not meet ten years earlier!


Lisa Tate


Nothing !

That's why we need to win this contest, so that we can get away from our

humdrum life and put some romance back in our marriage.  We've been

married 21 years and we know each other too well!  A change of scenery and

a new experience somewhere that we would never go on our own would be

wonderful !  We need help !


T J Bullard



My spouse

(Lynn) is so special because he is my best friend. We were high school

sweethearts and have been married for almost five years.  We seem to grow

closer to one another everyday. We do everything together and seem to

compliment one another perfectly.  He is very patient with me because we

not only work together, but also attend night school together.  He helps

to keep me motivated when I become overwelmed with the stress of full-time

work and full-time school. While he is a very quiet person, he is very

caring. He always takes time to accomodate others and always putting me

and others first.  He is my only true love.


Susan Gary


My husband is

the best in the world.  He shows his love for me by doing for me.  I only

need mention something that needs done one time - - and - -low and behold,

in a few days it is magically done.  He never brags about doing it or even

tells me he did it - -  it just is there.  The car may be newly washed and

waxed - -

the meal will be prepared and on the table waiting for me - -

fresh flowers will be on my desk - -  something that needed fixed is

fixed.  He makes the bed every morning because he knows that pleases me.

He tells me how wonderful I am every single day.  He audibly gives thanks

to God for bringing me into his life every single day. He always wants to

go with me when I ask him.  He is the most precious friend I have ever

had.  He is a seventy-eight year old wonder and I love him with a love

beyond description.


Ruby Lawler



Take away the

wine, the chocolate, the flowers and the candles and all that is left is

you and me , and that's all we need.


tammy jones


We've been

married 8 years and yet...

Scott keeps the vows we said to each other always with him. He brings me

funny little gifts "just because". He remembers everything about the first

time we met and our first date. Scott still opens doors for me and wants

to hold hands. He tells me every day that he loves me and how pretty he

thinks I am. He takes pride in all I do.

God has shown me a glimpse of perfection through Scott's love.


Tammy Pyle


Jimmy is very

special to me. He sends me flowers, leaves me romantic cards to find, and

just calls me just to tell me he loves me. Most importantly when my

grandmother died this past August he was by my side through it all when I

really needed him. He would go without if I needed something. He is my #1

fan. I love him!


michelle kennedy


My husband

writes the most wonderful love letters to me.  In them he shares his

feelings for me, his innermost thoughts, his joys about being my husband

and father to our little baby daughter as well as his perspective of our

life together. He unabashedly allows me to know who he really is, faults

and all.  Through his letters I better know and deeply love this man I am

married to.


Priscilla Ford