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After thirty-five years of marriage I've learned the true meaning of romance.

It's not being given flowers, candy, or fancy lingerie.


Romance is when your husband loves you so much that he does the

dishes for you when you are tired. Romance iw when he spends time with

your children instead of going fishing. It's when hhe respects and cares

for your elderly mother. Romance is when he lets you sleep a few extra

minutes and then weakes you up in time to go to work. Romance occurs when

he gives of himself. Wow! Do I feel loved!

Pat Terrell

From the first

day we met until our last days together my husband, Jimmy, will and has

been the most important man in my life.  I’m pregnant with our first child

and everyday presents a challenge.  From aches, pains, and outrageous

emotions to baby kicks, ultrasounds, and heartbeats he has been there

through all.  In these eight months he has never complained about cleaning

the house, cooking dinner, giving much needed back rubs, or going for late

night ice cream runs.  In the end, I must be the luckiest woman to have

such a special man in my life!


Melissa Beasley



My husband's

names is Larry Glosson and he is a wonderful person. He teaches at T.K.

Gorman and he truly cares about his students and his job. He is

optimistic, content with whatever he has and fun to be with. He is my hero

and my best friend. I could not ask for a better man. He loves me

completly and I have no doubt that our marriage will withstand whatever

storms come our way. I would love to win this contest to be able to give

him back something nice in return for everything that he does for me.


Jana Glosson



My wife,

Glenda, is my best friend next to Jesus. We never tire of being together.

After 33 years of marriage, she even thinks like me. She has helped raise

two great children and now is helping to raise three great grandchildren.

She is very special to each of them as she also is very special to me. I

love her very much. She loves me despite my faults. We have had a very

happy life together.


Ronnie Galyean



My husband

Shawn and I have been married for 3 years.  For the last three years he

has been the most kind, understanding and loving husband anyone could ask

for.  He is always there to help anyone that needs it, whether it be work

related or at home.  Shawn is an extremely patient and calm person with

the greatest personality.  The fact that he never has anything unpleasant

to say about anyone makes him even more appealing to me today than four

years ago.  I wish that more people could have his wonderful demeanor.

My son Harrison and I could not ask for a better Husband and Father.  All

of the above great qualities about Shawn make him the most romantic man to



Amy Ormes




My husband,

Jason, and I have been married for 8 years.  He is my best friend and the

love of my life.  On February 7, 2002, we were elated to welcome our first

child into this world, a little girl named Grace Ann.  Our joy soon turned

to fear during the next 4 days.  We were moved to 2 other hospitals and

told that our daughter had an obstruction in her airway that would require

surgery.  After surgery, we were told that there was nothing else they

could do to save our daughter.  Jason was by her side as well as mine

during these days.  He told me that if he could, he would give his life

instead of hers to keep her from suffering.  I cannot imagine anything

more special than these words from a suffering father.  On Feb. 11, 2002,

Jason was holding Grace Ann when she passed away.  I have never seen

anything so special as the bond between my husband and our daughter.  We

have mixed emotions about this Valentine's Day because it marks the 1 year

anniversary of her funeral.  Jason continues to be my stronghold.  He is a

special father and husband.  I know that this may not be the "upbeat"

story that you wanted but I had to let you know how special my husband is

to me.  His unselfish love for our daughter is the most special thing that

a mother and wife could ever experience.


Deanna Turner



She compliments each area I lack in. I knew she was the one when I first saw her in the

eighth grade. Other than caring for me and our children she has the ability to calm and cure me with her touch. She knows my thoughts and feelings just by looking at me. She handles the duties of three daily with little reward. All I can do is thank and love her constantly but truly want her to have a valentines day otherwise not available for my Jenni fur-fur.


Charlie Smith

My husband will

do anything for me and his kids.   He works extremely hard, he owns an

automotive shop and I stay home with the kids. We never had a honeymoon,

and I think this would be perfect, he is very handsome, dark hair with

blue eyes, has the best smile, makes me melt, a hard worker.   He always

tries to do whats right and just loves God.  He is special because he is

my husband,and I was lucky enough to be put with him.   I think that if we

were to be picked he would feel refreshed he works very hard, he is the

only mechanic at our shop and he works from 8am til 10 or 11pm lately

trying to help some Christian friends getting their vehicles fixed.   He

is so special to me and especially to his kids.

Lisa Hogge

My husband and

I were high school sweet hearts and four children later, I am proud to say

that every single day we fall in love with each other over again. He tells

me every day in the most romantic most passionate way that he loves

me. Those are three little words that most people take lightly and yearn to

hear. Every time he says "I Love You" my heart pitter patters. Ten years

will soon be seventy and I look forward to the next sixty, because I will

never get tired of those three words "I LOVE YOU".

Jennifer Smith



My spouse for our anniversary took me to an old fashion hotel in Jefferson. We rode a

old time carriage through town and latter enjoyed walking through the old town hand in hand. We have been married going on 14 years. We always find different things to do each year. We take one day out of the year just for us.

Jackie Bryant

My mate is always there for me never a bad word. Always loving and never meets a

stranger. She is sweet.

Floyd Haden



My husband is

special in my eyes because he accepts me regardless.  Six years ago we

were in a near fatal accident.  This wreck resulted in my needing a

wheelchair to get around much.  He see's beyond the scars, limps, and pain

to the person I still am inside and adores me anyway.  He laughs and cries

with me.  He picks up the pieces and makes a completed puzzle of our

lives.  I can easily say to me he is my Rock, my Protector and My World!

I would love to turn the tables and pamper him for a change.


Pam Thompson



My husband is

the most romantic man in the world because of his character.  There were

many times he gave up things he needed and wanted, to provide for his

family.  When we married we did not have the money to buy a ring.  My

wedding ring was a 10k gold band costing $25.00. 27years, 2 children,

college and 2 wedding later I got my beautiful engagement ring Christmas.

Again he put his wants on hold for me. He is a great husband, father and

friend. By the way, my new ring looks great with the $25.00 gold band.


Jeannine Howard



The most

romantic thing I find in my husband Steve is simply in every day life. He

is always loving, supportive, and encouraging of me. Steve is also

positive in his words and helps me find humor in every situation.

Therefore, in all of these examples, he showed them all by strengthening

me even more with his love for me during my pregnancy and the recent birth

of our son, Matthew. Not only do I have a husband, but I also gained a

friend. It is his simple respect of me not only as a person but as his

wife that I find the most romantic about him.


Jennefer Bruner



He loved me

enough to marry me, even though I had four daughters to raise. And together

we did it. I just like to watch this man walk across the room, he is my

comfort zone.


Louise Heard


Besides being

extremely handsome, Jeff is the most caring and supportive person I know.

My son (Jeff's stepson), who is 28, is blind and has renal failure from

complications from diabetes. I stay at home with him during the day. When

Jeff gets home from work, he helps me with housework and takes turns

doing things for my son. He allows me to relax and doesn't complain . He

also feeds the dog and our 5 cats and cleans up after them. I don't know

how to thank him enough for his caring, understanding, and his

unconditional love for his family.


Jackie Jones