The Color Rose You Buy Says A Lot!

A rose is a rose is a rose... Well, not exactly.

"There are a lot of guys that think red is the only color," says Susan Myers at the Red Barn. "But, then they come in and see all the array of colors."

Susan Myers at the Red Barn says the pretty petal's color does actually mean something.

"My wife likes pink and I am trying to find something for my daughter," says Mark Goughnour.

On Valentines Day, it's good to know what your saying when you send that special someone a bouquet.

Reporter asks, "Can you tell me and all the men out there who can't decide what to get their girlfriends what the light pink roses mean?"

"The light pink ones are for grace and you're lovely," says Myers.

And if you think deep pink is best, it is, if you want to say thank you!

"The pink roses they buy more at the beginning of the relationship," says Myers.

But if you want love to bloom this year, red reigns.

"Of course, the red roses mean love. It sums up their Valentines," says Myers.

Now if you're buying flowers for a friend, you do have options when it comes to roses. Beautiful yellow roses stand for friendship, joy and gladness.

"These are our lipstick roses, usually anything in the coral color family, means desire," says Myers.

A dozen roses short or long stemmed is traditionally what men give on Valentine's day, but 50 represents unconditional love.

Ken Newman says if it's roses his wife likes, roses she gets on the day of love.

"Well, she's a good wife and if it makes her happy!" Newman said.

Can't decide which roses fit your sweetheart best, try them all in one bouquet.

Dana Dixon reporting