Disaster Relief Team gives labor of love

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By LaKecia Shockley - bio | email

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Some parts of East Texas still have a lot of expensive cleanup from the storms that came through on Friday. However, one group is going around to give a hand in the cleanup, free of charge. Their work is a true "labor of love."

Armed with their chainsaws, ropes, and hard hats several East Texas men are a part of a ministry team with two goals. "We are out here to help people and we're trying to serve Jesus in the best way we know how," said team member, Gary Hunt.

"They're called the Macedonia Baptist Church chainsaw team. And they're apart of a bigger group known as, Southern Baptist Convention Disaster Relief.

"We've got guys that come in from Canton, guys that come in from Temple.  We chase hurricanes, tornados, ice storms- it makes no difference," said Hunt.

For the hard working men, taking vacation and off days from work, to help rebuild homes is a sacrifice.

"Our blessing comes from when we see the smiles on the peoples face. We come up and we're able to help them cleanup at no charge," said Hunt.

For the chainsaw men, their work means something more than dollars and cents.

"When you can see the smile on those peoples face, that's worth every ounce of sweat that you have sweated that particular day," said Hunt.

Their work is an unselfish labor of love, that they wouldn't trade for anything else.

"I guess you can say this is the only job you can do, that you don't get paid for, but you have fun doing it and you get blessed in the process," said Hunt.

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