East Texas soldier comes home

By LaKecia Shockley

Posted Morgan Chesky

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - It was a welcome home soldier block party today for an East Texas soldier. Sargent Michael Brandon Wells spent the past year fighting in Iraq, but this weekend he's back home on East Texas soil.

For Sgt. Brandon Wells and his wife, cutting a yellow ribbon from an oak tree in his yard symbolizes his safe journey home.

"It feels incredible to be home, I really couldn't be more excited," said Sgt. Wells.

To celebrate Wells' East Texas return, Welcome Home Soldiers, family, and friends threw a block party celebration.

"I feel like all of Longview has been behind me and I really appreciate that," said Sgt. Wells.

For four years, Sargent Wells served in the army. He's a gunnery expert who helped train the Iraqi's. "We basically just worked with the Iraqi army and just kind of helped them stand up and get ready to take over," said Sgt. Wells.

While in Iraq, Brandon wore his Psalm 91 bandanna for God's protection.  He says,"without it and countless prayers he wouldn't have made it."

"There's just so many people that have prayed for me and supported me my entire military career," said Sgt. Wells.

Now that he is home, Brandon says it's the simple things in life that he's been waiting to do: "walking the dog; it's the things like that, and eating my Mom's cooking," said Sgt. Wells.

And it's those simple things, plus patriotic gratitude -  that's the heart of this soldier.

"Whenever someone comes up to soldiers and tells them thank you, it makes those hard days that you remember worth it. It also reminds you why you're doing it," said Sgt. Wells.

A true Army soldier's testimony that makes East Texas proud.

Sargent Wells is stationed out of Fort Riley Kansas with the Big Red One. His enlistment ends in December.

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