Tyler hosts annual Rose Parade

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By Bob Hallmark - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV)- The 76th annual Rose parade drew thousands of visitors to Tyler today as spectators sat, stood, and struggled to get a glimpse of the elaborate floats and dresses. The streets of Tyler were lined with visitors from all over as the Rose Festival Parade drew another big crowd.

Its an event that has become more than just a parade, helping to define the identity of East Texas.

"Just to see all the folks out in the parade, and enjoying it and having a good time and seeing all the organizations and the groups come out," said Cara Smith of Tyler.

Many Tyler natives came for the first time, others from across the country.

"These dresses these girls have on, they're amazing" says first time parade watcher Bert Simon.

"I am surprised, because there's so many community groups but also middle schools and high school," said Dallas visitor Sharon Sweat.

"The dresses for the girls on the floats are definitely different and interesting looks like something in Alice in wonderland," said Chigaco native Hector Gonzales.

Its not the celebration of royalty, or really anything different about the parade. There's something here that means much more to those who celebrate their heritage.

"I think its important its bringing out families and bringing families together seeing what the communities all about," says Tyler resident Mike Smith.

Weather cooperated today, no rain during the parade, as over 100 entries participated in the event.

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