East Texan says he was target of racial threats

By Donna McCollum - bio | email

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - It was a day like any other for David Harris, 19, until he was suddenly bumped by a total stranger while standing in line to buy gasoline.

"He wanted me to do something to him for me to provoke him. I could tell the way he looked at me in his eyes," recalled Harris. "So I backed up from him because I seen the knife on him and I seen the Nazi sign on the side of his neck."

Harris sensed trouble and immediately went to his van. He got in just in time. The man with a knife more than a foot long was right behind him.

"He hit the window with the end of the knife at first to try to break the window, but it didn't work, so he just turned the knife around and started stabbing straight at the window just like this," Harris described.

Nacogdoches Police reports confirm Harris' account of racial slurs being said, followed by threats.

"I'm gonna cut you just like a pig. Come on, get out," is what Harris said the stranger said to him.

In Martin Luther King's day there were plenty of racial incidences. Fifty years later, sociology studies show the level of prejudice has declined generation after generation. The trend is seen in Harris' generation of 18-22 years old.

"It's the least prejudice generation that we've ever had in the united states," Dr. Tom Segady, SFA sociology professor said. "And that would probably lead to the problems we have in this case, is when it does happen, it's more surprising and more shocking."

Harris shares his disturbing experience as a way to warn others.

"I just want people to be aware and show precaution," he said. "I was caught off guard. I don't want that to happen to anyone else."

"Not everything has been solved. Trouble can still lie under the surface," agreed Segady.

A truth Harris knows too well.

"It scared me severely, you know. Like right now, it's still kinda bothering me, you know because, like I say, I didn't think that would ever, ever happen to me."

Nacogdoches Police continue to investigate the aggravated assault against the nineteen year old. Investigators say they have several leads in the case. Meanwhile, Harris remains on guard.

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