Christmas deals come early this year say retailers

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The weather outside is a bit more frightful. Just in time to for a cheaper Christmas. Retailers and manufacturers are pulling out all the stops this holiday season.

Halloween still looms down the aisle, but the holidays are, literally, around the corner.

"It'll help tremendously," said Mike Garret, Target in Tyler's Toy Manager. "[It is] already in toys, our sales are up."

At Target, Christmas isn't the only thing coming are the deals. $5 for Barbie.

The price for G.I. Joe Tough Troopers is cut in half. Manager Mike Garrett says the cuts are temporary, but will last throughout the holiday season.

"We just try to rotate and give a better assortment so every guest can have a different assortment every month," said Garret.

Target is also price matching local competitors prices for the same items. It's a bargain shopper's dream.

"If I see something that one of the kids wants, I'll pick it up if it's marked down," said Christie Hulsey, a mother of two.

It's an aggressive approach to boost holiday sales this season. Walmart is making changes to last year's popular 10 toys for $10 deal. Try 100 toys (trucks, dolls, and board games) all for just $10. There are even big cuts for bigger kids too.

"It's starting right now," said Adam Phifer, a Best Buy associate. "People are definitely coming in, asking for Christmas."

Phifer says Best Buy offers financing on video game systems which have also been marked down. The price of the Nintendo Wii has been slashed $50. The Play Station 3 is $100 cheaper.

"The Xbox dropped two of it's systems down: The 'elite' [by] $100, and the 'pro,' [by] $50," said Phifer.

Because wiping out in the virtual world beats wiping out the holiday budget, any day.

Target says its toy deals will be posted on its web site. There are several online deals, too. cut the price of the Kindle, an electronic book reader, to $40.

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