Tri Tri Again

By Ryan Peterson - bio | email

TYLER, TEXAS (KLTV) -  Marc Noble has a nice truck.  The 18 year old from Longview doesn't really need it.

"I run cross country at UT Tyler," said Noble.  "So I run six days a week. We run 15 miles every week. I try to bike 4 to 10 hours a week. Throughout the course of the week I'll try to swim about 12 thousand meters."

Tired yet?  Noble's not.

"At 15 I tried my first tri (triathlon)," he said.  "After that it was like love."

He may love it, but when he's not swimming, running or biking, Noble has little time for anything else.

"I kind of wish I had more down time," said Noble.  "I'm taking 14 hours (of class at UT Tyler) and I know that's not too much of a load, but with all my training it gets tough."

Training isn't all bad.  Thanks to all the hard work, Noble is becoming a world traveler.  He qualified  for the International Tri Union Long Distance World Championship in Australia later this month.  He's one of just two American's that will be competing in the 18 year old division. Next year, Noble will compete in Germany.

"It's awesome," he said.  "I'm pretty much representing the U.S. and that's an honor."

The guy who's always on the move, will have finally have to sit still.

"Honestly it hasn't even hit me yet that we're leaving," Noble said.  "When I get on that plane, I'm going to be ecstatic and I'm not going to be able to sit for 15 hours on the plane."