Shoplifting attempt turns dangerous

By Bob Hallmark - bio | email
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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - What started as a shoplifting attempt quickly turned dangerous. Longview police are looking for two people who robbed an East Texas department store.

On September 24th, Sears security cameras caught the robbers entering Sears at the Longview mall. Cameras show the man as he seems to search the store, watching the employees on the floor.

"He waited around the electronics department a long time, and appeared to be waiting for the electronics department personnel to be distracted so that he could gather up all the items they wanted to take," said Officer Kevin Brownlee.

Working with a female partner, a man waits near an elevator for her to join him. Then, without acknowledging each other, he passes off several video game systems, and she is quickly on the way out.

"They're very organized," said Brownlee. "They've done this before. It's obvious they've premeditated what they're going to do and they've planned it out."

Security chases after the woman as she flees, and a minute later the man follows, chased by security.

Store security chased the male suspect into the south parking lot of Sears at the mall, but they got something they didn't expect the suspect wheeled around and turned a knife on them, threatening to kill them all.

"[He] told them he would kill them if they continued to follow him," said Brownlee. "If he's desperate enough to steal and he's willing to threaten someone with a knife, we're not going to take any chances that it could continue on and at some other place where me might use violence so we'd like to catch him and put him behind bars."

Police believe the man then ran into the parking lot, was picked up by his accomplice and they haven't been seen since.

The male robber is white, between 30 and 40 years old, and stands about 6-foot-1. He was wearing a black, University of Texas t-shirt, green shorts and a baseball cap. The other robber is described as a white female, also between 30 and 40. She's around 5-foot-3 and 190 pounds. The pair are believed to be driving a late model, red Ford pickup. If you've seen them, call Longview police.

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