A Better East Texas: School Security Needs

In response to the tragic stabbing at John Tyler several weeks ago, T-I-S-D administration has begun installing safety and security mechanisms to help protect students and teachers.  Unfortunately it seems that security doors and soon to be metal detectors and other devices are the bulk of the plan right now. But all the technology in the world is useless without human eyes coordinating the security system. Is there really any suitable plan that does not include putting security officers visibly in the school - permanently? Security doors are a step but they would not prevent a similar tragedy from happening tomorrow. As a matter of fact, every high school and for that fact every middle school in Tyler, Longview - everywhere - needs to re-evaluate their security system. We owe it to our children, parents and teachers to provide a safe, stable environment conducive to learning - now. And if it means that we have to cut back on some hallowed athletic program to fund additional security, then so be it. Decisive, comprehensive action to make our schools safer will make this a Better East Texas.