On the Pump Patrol... The Cheap and Expensive

The average price per gallon for regular unleaded gas in the Lone Star State, hit $1.55 Wednesday, according to AAA Texas. So how does East Texas measure up?

We went on the pump patrol to find out.

Tyler seems to be faring the best. The cheapest place we found to fill up was Sam's on the Loop at $1.47 for unleaded and $1.61 for premium, but you have to have a Sam's card.

If you don't, your next best bet is probably Your Pump on 69 north at $1.49.

There could be others, but the priciest pump in Tyler seems to be selling unleaded for about $1.59 a gallon at the Loop and Van Highway.

In Longview, the lowest pump price is a bit higher than Tyler. The Kroger on Marshall Avenue runs $1.59 for Regular and 1.79 for Supreme. On McCann Street at E-Z Mart, it's a cent cheaper.

And if you're travelling to Lufkin, prepare to pay more than a dollar-sixty.

AAA's best advice to deal with spiking prices is to hunt for cheaper gas and to cut consumption.

East Texans sound off about the pump panic.

Penny Bennett says, "I think it's just the talk of war and the possibility that we are going to go to war so they're using that to gouge prices."

Joe Stephens is already shopping around. He says, "I think they are getting ridiculous. They are getting a little out of hand."

Fancy Love has this to say, " I think something should break and gas should go down because there's plenty of gas. There's no shortage."

But there were some East Texans who agreed with the increase in pump prices and are committed to riding it out.

Dana Dixon, reporting.