Mother wants vandals to leave daughter's grave alone

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CHEROKEE COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas mother says someone is vandalizing her daughter's grave and other's headstones as well. It allegedly happened at Meador Cemetery off Highway 204 in Cherokee County. The grave site is that of 11-year-old Carmen Jenkins who was tragically killed in a four-wheeler accident last December. Her mother says all she wants is for her little girl's final resting place to be left alone.

Walking around the cemetery, angel figurines were either missing or broken.

"I had a big giant one (angel) out at Carmen's and her wings were broke off," said Ellen Jenkins, Carmen's mother.

Jenkins says this is the third time she's replaced solar lights at her daughter's grave.

"She was afraid of the dark so for us it's comforting," said Jenkins. "For Jessica, her little sister, it's comforting...we can drive by and see them, but each time I've done it, they've been stolen."

It is the lights that Cherokee County deputies say may attract kids at night who come and vandalize. They say it's something that's gone on for years but is hard to catch.

"What kind of person, what kind of being does this?" asked Jenkins. "Stealing from her violates us. It violates her. It sends me into major hysteria."

Their tragic loss is still fresh and they've tried really hard to make this sacred spot beautiful for Carmen.

"It's still hard to breath everyday without her and then to come out and see what somebody's taken," said Jenkins. "I'm terrified that the next time they're going to vandalize something."

It's that fear that has caused her to take some valuables home. She just hopes whoever is doing it learns respect and lets family members find peace again.

Iit could be their loved one day," said Jenkins. "You know, this is all I have left for comfort and I pray that whoever's doing it will leave my family alone...leave her alone."

The Cherokee County Sheriff's Department says they will step-up patrols - particularly at night. They ask if you have any information on who may be doing this, to call them.

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