Day of fellowship, support for Wounded Warriors

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TYLER, TX(KLTV) - The flags were out at Cascades, as East Texans lined the road in honor of strangers, men they'd never met before but still consider heroes.

"It gives us all chills," veteran B.J. Jackson said. "It really puts a perspective on what we're doing and what we're here for."

The Wounded Warriors came from all over the country, each with a story to tell. Army Veteran B.J. Jackson was caught in an explosion in Baghdad.

"I was trapped in the vehicle for 35-40 minutes," Jackson explained. "It was in the middle of a two-and-a-half-hour firefight. When they got me out of the vehicle, unfortunately my legs didn't come with me."

Monday was more than just a day of golf. Jackson said these events are vital to the wounded soldiers to help them know they are not alone.

"To be never forgotten," said Jackson. "Everybody waved their flags after 9/11, but shortly after, the flags went away. You see them out at events like this, and it gives you chills. We can get out here and still do the things we love to do. Golf for us may be a little more challenging, but for me, my injury actually helped my game."

"It gives us a chance to mingle with other guys and girls who are going through the same thing. Getting it off my chest and sharing it, that helps me. It helps my psychological point of healing."

It was a day on the links for the Wounded Warriors, but much more than that. It was a day of fellowship, sharing their stories and lives with their supporters and fellow soldiers.

Proceeds from the tournament went to benefit the Fisher House Foundation, which helps support military families during times of hospitalization.

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