Would-be robber attacks East Texan

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FLINT, TX (KLTV) - The Smith County Sheriff's Department says they don't want to panic anyone.. But they are strongly advising you to lock-up and stay alert. One East Texas woman was attacked after catching a would-be robber in her home in the middle of the day.

"When I looked up, he was standing right here," said Lindee Flores.

It was around lunch-time when Flores says she caught a stranger standing in her living room. A man, with a bandana tied around his face had broken into her home through a sliding door in her little girl's room. She says she didn't even have time to think before he struck.

"He turned around and he ran at me like he was a football player and pushed me into the door," said Flores. "And, I was trying to catch my breath...when I came up on my knees he reached down and he hit me in the stomach."

She says he then slung her into the wall, knocking her unconscious.

"When he picked me up off the floor and he swung me around, I hit the wall right there and it left that hole," she explained pointing to the wall.

Flores woke up to find nothing missing and the suspect gone. She lives outside Lindale. And, near Flint, Smith County deputies are ramping-up patrols after an increase in burglaries there. They're also investigating a case where a woman says she was followed inside her home and then beaten.

"What do you think the motive was behind this attack?" I asked Lieutenant Tony Dana, with the Smith County Sheriff's Department.

"[We] don't know," Dana replied. "There was nothing stolen from the house."

Dana says during these tough times, burglars are getting bolder which is why neighbors need to be on the look-out for one another.

"When you arrive home, pull that door, lock it, deadbolt it [and] make yourself safe because we can't even leave our doors unlocked during the daytime anymore," said Dana.

Flores says it's sad, but necessary to stay protected.

"People shouldn't have to live like that but for right now that's best thing to do: lock yourself in the house," said Flores.

The robber who allegedly assaulted Flores is still on the loose. But, deputies were able to dust for fingerprints and are investigating.

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