Authorities Nurse Starving Horses Back to Health

Five horses and one colt were found malnourished and close to death on Saturday. But with a little care, their spirits are rising.

A phone call from a concerned citizen prompted authorities to check out a pasture in Eastern Smith County. When they arrived, they found one horse dead, and seven others severely malnourished.

One of the remaining animals was put to sleep over the weekend. The six left suffer from hair loss, fatigue and skin disease. They appear to be doing better, according to Smith County authorities.

"We've filled their stomachs with good quality hay and provided freshwater, that's the main thing," said Lt. Gary Lile with the Smith County Sheriff's Office.

A Justice Of The Peace will review the case Friday. Until then, the horses will stay in the Sheriff Department's custody. The horse owner could face Class A misdemeanor charges.