Back Door Burglary Suspect Gets His Day In Court

A man accused of a string of home burglaries is now answering charges in court. The state's case against Lawrence Madlock (32) began Tuesday morning. The Tyler man has been indicted on six home burglary, and two aggravated robbery charges.

Prosecutors opened the trial with testimony from a Kidd Jones employee who says Madlock robbed her at gunpoint back in September 2001.

The witness told jurors, Madlock crashed through a glass door with a gun and demanded money. He, then, made off with cash from the store's safe. The witness said she found a trail of blood inside the store after the intruder left.

Assistant District Attorney Matt Bingham says DNA tests confirm that blood belonged to Madlock.

"DNA doesn't have a bias, it doesn't have an interest in this case," Bingham told the jury panel. "When the evidence is over, what you're going to know is the person sitting in this courtroom, pointed a gun at a nice lady and committed aggravated robbery".

Prosecutors intend to mention Madlock's lengthy criminal history during the punishment phase of his trial. At one point, a judge sentenced Madlock to 16 years in prison for residential burglary.

"I believe Lawrence Madlock is a career criminal, who has victimized numerous people," Bingham says.

Madlock's defense attorney will make his opening statements when prosecutors close their case. Bingham says Madlock's criminal record combined with new evidence could keep him behind bars for the rest of his life.

Authorities consider Madlock the prime suspect in 20 other smash and grab burglaries, but he has not been charged.