Constable Charged With Stealing Debris Sued by DA in 2001

Despite the warnings, a Harrison County Constable is facing federal prison time for allegedly stealing shuttle debris.  Debris was discovered in his patrol car, and it's not the first time Constable Robert Hagan has had questions of his integrity.

The Harrison County District Attorney's Office sued Robert Hagan because he failed three times to pass the peace officer's exam required for that position, though he claimed to be certified. The suit was to remove him from office, and was dropped after the exam was finally passed.

If found guilty of these allegations, Hagan would lose that job and quite possibly spend time in federal prison.

"No officer takes any pleasure in saying another officer had been involved in an accusation of a criminal act," says Harrison County Sheriff Tom McCool, who was one of the officers who discovered shuttle pieces in the back of Constable Robert Hagan's patrol car.

"To say the least, I was disappointed."

Hagan had volunteered to help recover shuttle debris the day of the accident. According to the allegations... he began showing stolen pieces off to his girlfriend, and another deputy.

"We're going to pursue an investigation aggressively, like we did in this case, until the truth is found, and I think the truth will come out very, very soon in this case," the sheriff added.

Constable Hagan had little to say to a Shreveport television reporter: "On the advice of my attorney, he's asked me not to talk about it. As soon as I can, I'd be more than happy to sit down and talk about it. Did you steal it? No, sir."

McCool: "A law enforcement officer is always held to a higher level than anyone else, and we have to strive and meet that expectation at all times. The allegation against this officer is certainly one that violates every ethical standard if those allegations are in fact true."

A preliminary hearing is set for February 27th. Of course, a Henderson woman and a Stephen F. Austin State University student were charged last week with stealing shuttle debris. An amnesty period for people to turn in Columbia parts without prosecution expired Friday.