Red Cross Issues Terrorist Attack Preparation Guidelines

With the nation at a Level Orange terrorist alert, the government wants all of us to be prepared in case of an attack. But what does that really mean? The Red Cross says in addition to having a emergency supply kit, you need to be prepared to "Shelter in Place" Ok, but, what does that really mean?

Well, at the McCoy's Hardware in Tyler, Edward Catlett is aware of the current Level Orange terror threat. But it's not affecting his daily routine. "Honestly, I'm not all that worried about it. I guess if I was in a more highly populated place like New York or where other acts of terrorism was taking place, I'd probably take it more seriously."

Some of his customer's think differently. "I had a lady come in earlier today. And, she bought rolls of plastic and she said she was wanting to make a safe room in her house so she couldn't get attacked by bio terrorism."

Turns out the government says that customer was right. FEMA and the Red Cross want all of us to have enough duct tape and plastic sheeting to be able to seal off the doors and windows to one room in your house just long enough to survive a terrorist attack. Tammy Prater with the American Red Cross in Tyler says being ready for a terrorist attack starts with the basics. She says everyone should have emergency supplies like water, non-perishable food, battery operated flashlight and radio, extra batteries and a first aid kit. But she adds the duct tape and plastic sheeting is also a good idea in case of a chemical or biological attack. "There are probably other cities and other places that might be bigger targets than we are. But, on the other hand, you have to be realistic and say no one is immune."

Back at McCoy's Edward doesn't think he's immune, just not a likely victim. "It's a possibility, but in my mind, it's an extremely remote possibility. If it happens, it happens."

The Red Cross also says you need an evacuation plan and should discuss a meeting place with your family. For more information on disaster preparation, go to and click on Know More on 7. There you'll find a link to the Red Cross's web page with advice on coping with a wide variety of possible tragedies, including terrorist attack.