Olympic gold medalist in Tyler to inspire young girls

By Sara Story - bio | email
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The following is part of our interview with Olympic Gold Medalist Dominique Dawes who is in Tyler this weekend as the key note motivational speaker for the Girl Power Summit. It's an event hosted by the Junior League of Tyler to inspire and motivate sixth grade girls:

KLTV Reporter Sara Story: You were part of the "magnificent seven" back in the 1996 Atlanta games. How was it competing in your home country?

Dominique Dawes: Being an Olympic athlete and having the opportunity to compete in your home town is truly a dream come true. However, it is a double edged sword because you have the support of the crowd, but then you have the support of the crowd right there in your face.

Sara Story: President Obama was pushing for the 1016 Olympics to be hosted in Chicago and it was recently moved to Rio de Janeiro. How do you feel about it not being here in the United States?

Dominique Dawes: It's the first time the Olympic games will ever be in s. America. I'm excited for brazil. I think they are going to throw off an amazing Olympic games. I will be there working. If not, I will be on the beach."

Sara Story: After 18 years of gymnastics you retired to speak to others and empower others. What do you plan on saying to 6th grade girls tomorrow. How are you going to reach out to them?"

Dominique Dawes: Well, there is going to be powerful message. Helping young girls lay the foundation for future success. It's a girls summit to empower young girls to be all they can be to believe in themselves to make smart choices especially in the day in age of the technology that we have today"

Sara Story: What's next for you? What's next for Dominique Dawes?

Dominique Dawes: I'm really just following what I've been called to do. I love motivational speaking.

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