Workout Your Face And Look Younger

It a work-out for some very important muscles: the ones that "lift" your facial features!

"You'll feel body parts and facial parts moving without your control," says Dr. Stephen Mullholland.

The "Pan G Lift" is actually a series of treatments, beginning with a myofacial.

"You're going to be feeling some electrical current in your face," Dr. Stephen Mulholland says.

The electrical current pulls the muscle in one direction, while elastic bands pull in the other direction. It's that resistance that's supposed to tone and tighten the skin.

"The elastics are really quite tight it's a system where you take the check this is how high we have to lift this is how it can be pulled down...we need to tighten that elastic so it does this and then we force the check to contract that resistance," says Dr. Mullholand.

Carol Wilson originally planned to have a face-lift. Instead she opted for the far less invasive and less painful..."Pan G Lift."

"It feels like pulling of the skin, but not painful," she says.

"It's not so much painful as it feels like simultaneous skin slapping and hair pulling," explains the doctor.

Next step the "sonopeel". It uses water to gently remove the outer layer of dead skin cells.

"You'll hear it a bit of high pitched sound, that's the ultrasound. This blade moves 30,00 cycles a second next up a sons facial to push topical treatments further into the skin," Dr. Mullholland explains. "The same propulsive energy pushes the products deep into the skin, much deeper than we could we ever so manually, with our fingers."

Some critics wonder if pulling the skin actually creates wrinkles. They say there's not enough data to see if the resistance treatment really works.

Dr. Mulholland says the before and after pictures tell the story. He claims the procedure lifts the bows and upper eyelids by "four to eight" millimeters...and the checks and lower eyelids are lifted and tightened by thirty to forty percent.

Carol Wilson feels the "Pan G lift" took years off her face.

"It just makes you feel so good about yourself you look better and you feel greater."

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