NFL concussions begin on Friday nights

By Reid Kerr - bioemail

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Big hits in the NFL start in high school football.

While the NFL is finally acknowledging the long term effects of concussions, steps have already been taken to increase protection, according to Tyler Junior College head trainer Eddy McGuire.

"The main thing is the equipment they use," McGuire said. "if you notice, there's not as many helmet companies as there used to be, that's because there's so many regulations on the safety of the helmet."

Hits happen on every play. Deborah Broussard's son Matt plays quarterback for Lindale, she says she's glad this story about concussions is public knowledge.

"I don't believe they really know the seriousness of the injures," she said, "so I'm glad it's being reported."

Senior Matt has had three injuries and two surgeries, Deborah says as a mom, that's tough to take.

"The hardest part is when they first get injured. You just don't know. They're laying on the ground, you don't know if they're going to get up. It's very very hard."

With every down a collision, she says it's important parents and coaches take care of their kids, because they don't see that far ahead.

"A parent approached me once and she said I don't understand how you do it, and my response was, ma'am, I don't do it very well. It's very hard."

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