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Gift of Love: Joshua, 10 years old

By Jennifer Hines - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - He loves soccer, pizza and he's always wanted to visit Mexico, but, first, he'd like to find his forever family.

Joshua felt right at home at Chuck E. Cheese's with his favorite meal and his best friend Thomas, who is also up for adoption. Both boys would love to be placed in a home together and become brothers. Joshua is a ball of constantly moving energy! He is almost always on the go.

"I like soccer and baseball," said Joshua.

Joshua, who likes to go by Josh, says he loves pizza and spaghetti and when it comes to shrimp...not so much. But, he does say he'll try anything once. The 10-year-old, who will soon be 11, says he likes that his birthday is the day after Christmas.

"Because it's special," said Josh.

And, he's got big plans for his birthday.

"I like to go to the skating rink," said Josh.

And, that's roller skating...not ice skating. Josh loves to be outdoors and enjoys living in the country where he has plenty of room to play. Josh also loves animals and sees a future working with them.

"You know, like those people off of animal planet...that's one thing I want to be," said Josh.

Josh is easily distracted and needs help staying on task. School can be challenging for him, so a family will need to be able to work closely with his teachers to help him succeed. Josh needs parents that are patient, flexible, and active. Josh says he's ready for the dating scene at the ripe age of 10, but maybe not just yet.

"I would wish I would have a hot girlfriend," said Josh. "My second wish would be I wish I'd have a hot tub. And, my third wish would be to have lots of friends."

And, he hopes to find a family that will show him the gift of love.

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