Preschooler brings gun to school

By Courtney Lane - bio | email
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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - A Tyler preschooler carried a loaded gun in her bag all day at school - that's what Tyler police say they're investigating. The incident happened at St. Gregory Catholic Elementary. The loaded gun wasn't even discovered until classes were dismissed Monday afternoon.

Loaded with the potential for disaster. We have learned that a 4-year-old little girl was carrying a loaded gun in her bag all day on Monday, and didn't even know it.

"The situation was discovered at school dismissal and the student's backpack at that point was open," said Superintendent of Catholic Schools Dr. C. Charles LeBlanc. "The holster was seen."

St. Gregory sent out a notification, saying a parent told them he inadvertently left his holster and gun in his child's overnight bag.

LeBlanc says it has a blessing children and staff were not injured.

"The environment of a Catholic school is to provide Catholic Christian education in a safe environment," said LeBlanc. "We compliment the school's administration for taking those preliminary steps to validate the safety and the security of everyone involved."

Tyler police are investigating whether the incident should trigger a charge against that parent. Officer Don Martin says it is not yet determined if the gun's safety lock was on, as a detective is still gathering all the facts.

"If you were to have a weapon in your home and you had the proper locks on it or it was unloaded it cannot be discharged, then there's no violation," said Martin. "If you leave a weapon that is accessible to a child that can be discharged then there is a violation."

Tuesday, everything at St. Gregory seemed back to normal, after a very scary start to the week. The parent's names are not being released at this time. We are following this and will keep you updated, if charges are filed.

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