Another Important Debris Discovery Sunday

Another significant debris discovery of the space shuttle Columbia appears to be a three-feet square hatch door.

Nacogdoches Sheriff Thomas Kerss says that although the hatch had some tearing of metal, for the most part it was found intact.

The hatch, as well as two other massive pieces were found in a remote area of Nacogdoches County Sunday.

Kerss says recovery teams probably won't get to the two other large pieces until Monday. The hatch was taken away Sunday.

"The person from NASA that was at the collection site area to receive that piece just seemed very excited of the size," says Sheriff Thomas Kerss. "And the fact that it was fairly intact, he seemed encouraged by it."

But, the search was hindered Sunday afternoon by cold, rainy weather. About 150 of the 200 searchers had to be pulled back after paramedics noticed people showing signs of hypothermia.

Monday, recovery crews will head back to the main debris path, armed with chain saws to look for more Columbia material.

Dana Dixon Reporting.