40 Years later, the Lions look to break through

By Coleman Swierc - bio | email

UNION GROVE, TEXAS (KLTV) - Union Grove has been close, but something has always happened.

"Last play of the game, fumbled on the goal line, lost it for us," said Richard Pitman, in reference to their last second loss of 2008 to New Diana, the final game of the season.

And it hasn't been just recently, the post season has evaded the Lions, for 40 years.

"It is always in the back of our minds really," said quarterback Dalton Melton, "but we keep coming out and giving all we got, at least for the past few years that I have been here, and we have a chance."

"Everyone talks about it a little bit, but it is not the main thing," said cornerback Cody McCormanck.

In fact, the current players, barely know anyone who played, the last time the Lions sniffed the post season.

"Not many, maybe one or two," said Pitman, "but there aren't that many around here that have made it to the playoffs."

"There have been some older people that have said stuff like that, like when is it going to be yall's year and we did it, but we are going to step up and make some changes," said Melton.

So what is different about this year, well, everything, a perfect start on the season, and district, has the Lions closer to re-writing history.

"It would mean everything, it is my last chance, my senior year, and I really want to go to the playoffs," said McCormack.

"This is for the town, and this is for everyone that is here supporting us," said Pitman, "and that is really what we are playing for, and that is what our main goal is, to do it for the town."

The Lions put their perfect record on the line, when they travel to face White Oak, one of the district favorites.

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