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02/08/03 - Longview

Polluting Reported at Lake Cherokee

Lake Cherokee resident Tom Bogenschutz can't believe the trash on the lake, not from a big company or a passing motorist, but from fishermen, he says.

Bogenschutz has complained to lake authorities about big piles of trash dumped on the banks and saw fishermen even burning tires to keep warm near the shore.

The bank near Lee creek is littered with hundreds of empty propane tanks, and steel wire from burned tires, even rubber residue on the banks which could become a pollution problem.

Officials say if it goes on long enough it could present a real problem not to mention the fact that its not legal to burn tires.

It then becomes an air quality and water quality issue. Rusk County Sheriffs and state health offices have been notified of the problem and have stepped up patrols in the area, but for the locals its hard to believe that people who use the lake would do this to it.

Bob Hallmark Reporting

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