Important Piece of Shuttle Debris Found

A piece of the Space Shuttle Columbia, discovered Friday, could be key in finding out what caused the shuttle to break up.
NASA says a large piece of one of the shuttle's wings was found near Ft. Worth. NASA officials are calling it a "significant recovery."

   Also, searchers combing parts of East Texas Friday located more debris. Sheriff Tommy Maddox of Sabine County made the announcement,"Parts of the rocket were recovered. There was parts of doors and control panel doors.. some parts of the seal but it was a good day.. It really was a lot of things there that were recovered."

   Meanwhile, NASA engineers and investigators are hoping amateur photographs and videotapes can provide important clues about what went wrong. A team of NASA flight directors and engineers have been contacting thousands of people who claim to have recorded Columbia in the final moments of its flight.

   In Longview, a company is being called upon to supply materials to preserve the debris being found. NASA has ordered packing materials from Longview business "Total Packaging", for the purpose of sealing and protecting the pieces found in East Texas and Louisiana. The business expects to provide thousands of more units for NASA in the next few weeks.

   And Saturday, a tribute will be held in East Texas at the First Baptist Church in Lufkin. It will begin about 7:45 a.m. A moment of silence will be observed at 8:16, the moment the Columbia was scheduled to land in Florida exactly a week ago, Saturday.

   Governor Rick Perry will be on hand to deliver remarks.