Gas Prices Are Going Up

Jimmy Morrison was traveling through Tyler today and he said the higher gas prices are too be expected.

"Nobody likes it," he said.

And he's right on both accounts. No body likes it. But prices are pumping up.

Gas station owners attribute the higher prices to the distributors. They say they raise the prices daily because of the petroleum workers strike in Venezuela, and because of the situation brewing in Iraq.

Gas station owners say they don't want to raise the prices, but they don't have a choice, when the gas costs them more to get. East Texans who have to buy the gas don't like it much either.

"I'm on a fixed income, so I will have to tighten up a bit. But I'll do all right. I am used to doing without," said one man.

For East Texans who drive for a living these premium prices are painful to pay.

"As much as I drive and fill up with gas, it really effects my take home pay," says Scott Mathis who works for Papa Johns Pizza. He makes his living on the road.

"Every time they raise the gas prices it means less money going home to my family," he said.

On average Scott says he drives 100 miles a day delivering pizza. That averages to about 10 gallons of gas a day. His car hold about 15 gallons so he has to fill up every two days. At a $1.50 a gallon, that will cost him at least $67.50 a week -- give or take a few dollars.

"The more I deliver the more money I make. But the more I deliver the more money it costs me," Scott explained.

A harsh catch 22 when you have a wife and two kids to feed.

"The way it is right now, I like doing this job. You can make a decent income, meet nice people, and it is a good company to work for, but if gas prices keep going up then it is not going to be profitable to keep doing it."

Right now in East Texas, prices are ranging for about $1.48 to $1.60 a gallon. In other parts of the county, prices are up to $2.09