Grandparents Go Back to School With Their Grandchildren

At Bullard Elementary, proud grandmothers and grandfathers learned what their grandchildren are up to at school.

The kids ate lunch with their grandparents and as grandparents sometimes do, they spoiled the children by taking them to the makeshift Bullard Elementary candy store.

"It's a good fun interaction with the kids and to get to see what the kids do," says Jo Hobbs, a grandmother. "And they're so excited to see us and the work they do and we get to go in the classrooms and meet their teachers."

Kids drew pictures of their grandparents to show them how much the mean to them.

"Today is a special day that they get to come and meet our teachers," says Lauren Wilson, Bullard student. "It's really cool."

The money raised today, from selling pictures, t-shirts and candy will go to help buy new playground equipment for the precious grand kids.