Seniors Go Back to College

Jane and Roger Goodspeed often find themselves looking forward to their "words of wisdom" class at Tyler Junior College.

"We thought we needed some words of wisdom in our ripe old age," says Jane Goodspeed. "We've been studying various philosophers of the world that went back pretty far."

The T.J.C. students went back to college several years ago.

"I think sometimes people our age think they know it all, but there's always something you can learn," says Jane Goodspeed. "We started out with a computer class because like everybody else we thought we ought to know how to use a computer," says Roger Goodspeed.

It's not that Jane or Roger need a degree. What they need as senior citizens is to keep living a full life.

T.J.C.'s Seniors College offers them and other seniors that at a reasonable price.

"I think it is more fun when you are learning just for the sake of learning," says Roger Goodspeed.  "I think life is a matter of growth so I think when you stop learning, you stop growing."

Seniors stepping back onto the T.J.C. Campus have a number of courses they can choose from. There's anything from computer classes to Spanish classes to cooking classes to physical education.

"And the field trips are excellent, fascinating," says Roger.

Seniors classes are for anyone fifty and over. And like Dr. Barnes liberal arts class, they're usually in a smaller setting.

"I think this is an opportunity to know people of like minds who are interested in learning and have a zest for life," says Jane.

East Texas seniors get all of that without ever having to take a test.

If you would like more information on the Tyler Junior College Seniors College, call 510-2900.

Dana Dixon, Channel 7 News