State Budget Problems Hit U.T. Tyler

The University of Texas system is cutting their budget by a hundred and four million dollars, with more than a million of that coming from the University of Texas at Tyler.

"We're in a very heavy growth mode," University President Dr. Rodney Mabry says. "We're really excited about the additional students we've been able to bring in at all levels. The timing of these cuts are unfortunate in that regard."

With fourteen percent more students and numerous construction projects underway this year, the first item of business is to freeze some spending, including hiring. They may be forced to delay hiring some full-time personnel and use adjunct professors.

"We have a freeze on travel using state funds as well," Dr. Mabry says. "We have cut back on what we call 'M & O,' which is our account for computer equipment and supplies."

They will try to keep this from directly affecting the students with admissions or class size. Most of this year's cuts come from administrative costs, but future problems would definitely hurt the growth of the college..

"If we have additional cuts coming up," Dr. Mabry says, "Then they will begin to get into the meat and bone of our budget."

"Certainly," he says, "That will affect our growth rate."

Dr. Mabry says with the state's finances, he expected a cut this year and they were prepared to cut back their budget. Unfortunately, he expects the cuts will continue.

"We'll be back strong," he says, confidently. "It's just something that we have to manage."

Reid Kerr ( reporting.