Man found dead, family says home invasion is to blame

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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - A Longview man is found dead in his home after a shooting that may have lead to an arson fire. The fire started around 5:40 Thursday morning at a home on the 1200 hundred block of Chappell Street. Police say the body of 33-year-old, Kelvin Wayne Muckelroy was found inside. And, while police have yet to determine the cause of Muckelroy's death, his family says they believe it was a home invasion that turned deadly.

Tears flowed down, Kelvin Muckelroy's mother's face when she learned the tragic fate of her son.

"She's awful, she's devastated and when you lose a child you don't never know how a person feels until you lose one," said Mary Candie, the victim's aunt.

Neighbors told police they heard gunshots right before the fire.

"For what we've been told the guy was supposed to be coming to pay him," said Candie. "They were banging and trying to get in the door."

The family says Muckelroy told his girlfriend and kids to hide inside the home.

"With him fighting his way out of there and taking care of making sure that baby and her (his girlfriend) got out of there safe," said Candie. "I commend him for that."

And, fortunately they managed to escape.

"She broke a window and went out the side door over by the carport," said Candie.

Now, as fire and police investigators sift through the ashes, an East Texas family deals with the loss of a brave man.

"If you're protecting your family and you're going to stand there, and protect your family that's all that matters," said Candie.

Muckelroy's body has been sent to Tyler for an autopsy. Police are still developing several leads to determine what exactly happened.

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