Classes resume at John Tyler High School

By Philippe Djegal - email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Thursday, the classroom where the stabbing murder of Todd Henry took place was blocked off. But, classes went on as scheduled at John Tyler High School.

"I've been watching Lifetime all my life so I knew it was possible," said Tamorea Tilaey, a student.

"This was not on my mind to happen at John Tyler High School," said Tambria Moore.

"I told them yesterday, 'Well, I hope that maybe they would get metal detectors, you know, to stop the weapons from coming into the school," said Carol Woodard.

And, according to Tyler ISD, the possibility of adding metal detectors on-campus is on the table. But, for now, there will be a show of force. All Tyler ISD security officers were at John Tyler Thursday morning. And, even Tyler City Police increased their presence.

"Whose to say if there had been three or four security guards in that room that something was wasn't going to happen?" said Shari Campbell.

"Was there any hesitation on you part to allow them to come to school today?" I asked one parent.

"No, not at all," replied Yolando Mobley. "Because, we believe in the Lord so I said a prayer for them."

Slowly but surely, students and staff filled up the parking lots and made their way to class. But, is it too soon?

"School has to go on, you know, but, I think...they should have some type of meeting with all the students, and ask them how they feel about everything," said Roderick Johnson.

And, the Tyler ISD did by bringing councilors in from all over the district. They met with every class during the first period of the day, letting students and staff know that they were around if anyone needed to talk.

"John Tyler's not a bad school," said Courtland Nickelbery. "And, it could have happened anywhere - Lee, Whitehouse, and middle school, elementary school so you just have to be cautious of everything now."

Because care-free could be deadly. According to Tyler ISD, 9 percent of the student body did not attend class Thursday. That's about 180 people. Also, there were seven unexpected teacher absences.

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