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A Better East Texas: Cowboys Stadium

Jerry Jones unveiled the new Cowboys Stadium to a worldwide audience when the Cowboys lost to the Giants.  The stadium coming in at a cost of more than 1 billion dollars is considered by all as the future of sports facilities.  It seems like it is as much an architectural marvel as it is sports venue.  But will it make the game experience better for all Cowboys fans?  Unfortunately only 7 percent of all professional football fans ever make it to a football game in person.  The rest will enjoy the experience on television.  So what does that say about the need to have a bigger and better stadium?  Jerry Jones will tell you that the new stadium will allow tens of thousands of more fans to witness America's Team.  But that is truly just a drop in the bucket.  And sure, there are some economic and tax benefits to Arlington and the surrounding area but the new stadium really serves only one master - Jerry Jones.  Now, I am all for capitalism and a free market but let's be honest.  If ninety-three percent of your customers consume your product through TV, a new stadium is there to pad your wallet Mr. Jones.  So if you are fortunate enough to go to a Cowboy's game in person, grab your wallet and know that Jerry Jones will be smiling and you will be helping pay for the giant TV hanging over the field.    

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