Art Collector Shares His Life's Work with East Texans

They may have been forgotten in their time, but a modern doctor is striving to keep the art he loves in the public eye.

The "Walter O. Evans Collection of African American Art" includes both modern and classic artworks spanning 150 years. It opened at Tyler's Museum of Art Thursday morning. With the collector, Walter Evans, in attendance.

Evans gave up his lifetime work as a physician to educate Americans on the diversity of black artists. The works generated enthusiasm from many students who attended the opening.

"They ask some remarkable questions, such as shouldn't African American art just be considered American art?" recalled Evans. "I thought that was a very significant question. The students seem to have a tremendous interest, and it's not just the art students, but the general student body."

"The Walter Evans Collection" will be at the Tyler Museum of Art until April 27th.